Oh, NOES! Muslims are feeling threatened because of a film again

Muslims in America are whining that Academy Award nominated film, “American Sniper” is inspiring threats to Arabs and Muslims. (Yeah, it’s not because of  Islamic terrorism and beheadings, its a film’s fault)


Detroit Free Press  As “American Sniper” continues to ignite political debate, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee is worried about “serious threats” being made to Arabs and Muslims.

The film is based on the book about real life sniper Chris Kyle. And in the book Kyle writes of killing 60 Iraqi “savages” during his four deployments. “Savage, despicable evil. That’s what we were fighting in Iraq,” Kyle writes.


The ADC says it has collected “hundreds of violent messages targeting Arabs and Muslims from moviegoers of the film.” The group has sent letters to the film’s star, Bradly Cooper, and director Clint Eastwood asking “to help reduce the hateful rhetoric.”

ADC president Samer Khalaf writes that he hopes the film will take a stance and issue a statement against the “hate and bigotry.” The ADC says it is also working with the FBI and local law enforcement to look into the threats.



So far, no comment from the “American Sniper” film team.