NYC Jewish Councilman blasts virulent Israel-haters who tried to disrupt a City Council meeting

But here’s the rub. The Israel-haters are ALL Jewish, from the mis-named ‘Jewish Voice for Peace,” a George Soros-supported anti-Israel organization.



IsraellyCool (h/t Susan K)  A group of anti-Israel protesters disrupted a Council meeting at the exact time a resolution commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz – and the murder of 1.1 million innocents – was being discussed. The screaming banshees are all from The Jewish Voice for Peace. This is what it looked like:

We are proud to be part of a coalition organizing for Palestinian rights and strongly oppose the City Council’s JCRC-sponsored trip to Israel. 

NY Councilman David Greenfield – the grandson of Holocaust survivors – hit back hard. And well: