One would think that given its own long history under Islamic supremacist rule, Spain, today, would not be a “hot spot for Islamic jihadists”

But, sadly, it is. Spain’s branch of the anti-Islamization movement PEGIDA called their homeland a “jihad hot spot,” claiming jihadists in Spain to be the most active and dangerous in Europe. 


Sputnik News (h/t Maria J) Spain’s jihadist movement is one of the most dangerous in Europe, the Spanish branch of the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (Pegida) movement told Sputnik. “The jihadist movement in Spain is one of the most active and dangerous in Europe,” Pegida members said in an email, calling Spain a “jihad hot spot.”

The members of the movement said Spaniards were growing tired of their country’s Islamization, explaining a growing interest in PEGIDA activities.


“There are many people in Spain who are tired of Europe’s Islamization, and many show interest in our movement. We are surprised by the number of Spaniards that show support for us,” the email said.

The PEGIDA members noted that Islamists’ plans to conquer the Iberian Peninsula were nothing new, as the latter saw the region as their territory.

PEGIDA, which held protests following terror attacks in Paris last week, will hold a rally in Madrid and expects the movement to grow gradually in Spain and in Europe, as it has in Germany. German PEGIDA members will also attend the Madrid rally.


PEGIDA is particularly active in Germany, organizing weekly rallies in the country. The movement has drawn criticism from the country’s officials, who accused Pegida of promoting hatred.

Spanish police arrest four suspected members of an Islamic jihadist cell.


FOX News  Spanish National Police arrested four suspected jihadis Saturday in the country’s North African enclave of Ceuta who allegedly had formed a terror cell and were ready to carry out an attack, the Interior Ministry said.

Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz said investigators, working with their Moroccan counterparts, were struck by the similarities between the suspected cell members and the two French brothers who killed 12 people in an attack upon the Charlie Hebdo newspaper in Paris.

‘These are two pairs of very radicalized brothers who are highly trained militarily, physically and mentally and are prepared to carry out an attack, and ready, according to the police, to blow themselves up in the act.’

Spain jihadists

The ministry said the four were following instructions given by the al-Qaida in Iraq leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, via what it called “a powerful and aggressive communication campaign” including jihadi Internet forums and websites. Investigators were still assessing the cell’s “infrastructure to carry out terror attacks in the country,” the ministry said.