Hey Muslims, stop telling us about the “minuscule amount” of Muslims who are extremists and terrorists

Not all Americans are buying your crap anymore, especially when even your own leaders deny the Islamo-myth of the “moderate” Muslim.


Dallas News Letter to Editor (From Ahmed Malik) As hundreds protested Islam outside of the Garland Convention Center this past Sunday, I was confused. Confused as to why protesters were at an event where Muslims were against terrorism. Confused as to why they would not attend the event and hear the point of view from the common Muslim who is against everything for which Boko Haram and ISIS stand.

The acts that these terrorist groups commit should reflect no one but themselves. Instead of letting the minuscule amount of Muslims represent the teachings of Islam, let the more than 1 billion “moderate” Muslims voice the true Islam. Instead of protesting at these events, please join us and listen to what we have to say.

(Hey, Ahmed, we hear you loud and clear)