EXCELLENT! Milan, Italy passes a new ‘anti-mosque’ law

no.mosque_alahram.captionPoliticians in the Lombardy region have passed a provisionary law that would make it almost impossible for new mosques to be built in Milan and that would heavily monitor existing Islamic houses of worship, not to mention stopping Muslims from lifting their asses to Allah in the middle of the street.


The Daily Beast  Blatant anti-Islamic racism hatred was bound to happen sooner or later as fear continues to spread across Europe after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris. And there is nothing subtle about a new measure being considered in Italy’s often-anti-Muslim northern regions.

some 40,000 supporters of the right-wing Lega Nord party took to the streets of Milan to protest against immigration, under the slogan “Stop invasion”.
Some 40,000 supporters of the  Lega Nord party took to the streets of Milan to protest against immigration, under the slogan “Stop the invasion”

This week, the northern Italian region of Lombardy passed a provisionary measure to limit the building of new houses of worship for all religious entities that do not have official agreements with the Italian state.   And since the only major religious entity in Italy that falls under that category is Islam, the measure is being called the “anti-mosque law.”

To be fair, there is virtually no way the measure, which allows regional authorities to decide and even call a referendum before giving permission for a mosque or house of worship to be built, will pass into a nation-wide law. 

But the fact that it made it past the first political hurdle does call into question why Islam, the second largest religion in Italy after Catholicism, is not officially recognized by the Italian state even though religions with much smaller followers in Italy, like Judaism and the Mormon’s Church of Latter Day Saints are. (Gee, maybe it’s because Jews and Mormons aren’t trying to destroy the country?)


Religions that are recognized by the Italian state enjoy tax perks and other benefits, including greater freedom in how and where they worship.  Those not recognized by the state are considered illegitimate cults.  “The new rules are discriminatory and inopportune,” Milan’s socio-political city councilor Pierfrancesco Majorino said.  “They are a punch in the face to any attempt at dialogue between cultures.”


Among the many stipulations in the proposed law are regulations that would make it almost impossible for a new mosque to be built.  According to the legislation passed by the Lombard regional government, any new house of worship has to have a parking lot at least twice the size of the structure itself.

Considering Italy’s over-crowded urban centers, that renders any conversion of existing property ultimately impossible without razing adjacent buildings, and it would mean that new structures would have to be isolated or far from urban areas in order to acquire that much land.

A group of Muslims hold their Friday prayers outside a mosque on the sidewalk in Viale Jenner in Milan , northern Italy ,

A group of Muslims hold their Friday prayers outside a mosque on the sidewalk in Viale Jenner in Milan , northern Italy ,

Another stipulation is that new houses of worship for religions not authorized by the state would have to be open to the public, even to those who do not practice the faith.  They would also be required to install closed circuit cameras that would be connected to local law enforcement offices to monitor movement into and out of the structures.  Another stipulation is that non-authorized religions may not disturb the peace when calling worshipers to prayer. 

The proposed law is being pushed forward by the right-wing politicians in Milan’s city hall, many of whom have been trying for years to stop the practice of open prayer by Muslims in front of the mosque on Viale Jenner (below) in the financial capital, where American CIA agents famously kidnapped an Egytian cleric in 2003.   


Center-left politicians, who are in a minority in Lombardy, argued that the proposed law infringes on the basic right of freedom to worship. They say it also penalizes immigrants who are legally in the country, and who should be allowed to worship as they wish.  “This measure is the result of Islamophobia,” said Roberto Bruni, a center-left politician from northern Italy.

One in three Muslims in Italy feels unwelcome in cafes and shops. Gee I wonder why?

One in three Muslims in Italy feels unwelcome in cafes and shops. Gee I wonder why?

Party members for the opposition Five-Star movement, led by Beppe Grillo, called the measure dangerous.  “With this law, the majority party criminalizes all 420,000 Muslims who live and work regularly in Lombardy,” said Eugenio Casalino of Grillo’s often radical party.  “It sells the myth that preventing new mosques means more security.” (It does!)

"No to mosques! Less Muslim immigration = less disease"

“No to mosques! Less Muslim immigration = less disease”

Sponsors of the bill say it will instead calm fears shared by Italians and ensure that Italy’s second-largest religion—which only two percent of the population practices compared to 97 percent who practice Catholocism—doesn’t grow.  “The presence of Muslims in Lombardy is not indispensable,” said Northern League politician Roberto Anelli.  “I say to anyone who doesn’t like this law: go home.”

Muslim illegal aliens rioting in Italy


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  1. Why are they given so many privileges at the expense of everybody else? In Saudi Arabia, you get arrested for carrying a bible!

  2. I’m french and I congratulate Italians for this new law. Congratulation for your courage to say no to Islam. I hope this is just the begining of a massive reaction of the population in Europe.

  3. Why do these media whores always come out with the same old crap that protests like this “attract” many from the “Far Right?”

    That’s ok, I know….It’s the Liberal Left’s demonizing and vilification technique of trying to airbrush anyone or any group who doesn’t go along with the Left’s fantasy concerning “muti-culturalism” and branding them as Violent, intolerant Nazi types…
    When in reality, it’s the Liberal Left who are the vile creatures themselves..

    • The “Far -Right’ label is a blatant device to silence anyone who actually speaks the evil truth of Islam. This attempted silencing of dissent is absolutely despicable , and is typical of the smearing tactics of Muslims and their useful lefty idiots.
      So who decides where the centre lies?? Oh, guess what, they do!! The smell of bullshit is all-pervading.


      • Hi Muzzo. i will suggest one thing pls do not look at the Muslim .. as this is committed you to said evil truth of islam.

        It will be an earnest request to read the Quaran translation (in your language or English) & the Bukhari (HADIT) of the prophet to understand what full Quaran.

        Still you thing Quaran is a evil truth then go to that person who is wise and has the knowledge . Hope you will try before finally comments again . as I say It is a earnest request.- Romel

        • @romel: Evil truth of islam? The truth is you want to conquer the world by all means and that includes of course killing everything and everybody. Stay in your country or people will have to fight you to defend themselves. Mine too is an earnest request.

        • My ancestors fought Islam, to free it from the rapes, murders, and slavery of non-muslims in Europe for 1400 years. We don’t want your Calphate in italy, europe or America. You worship a moon god, e.g. the crescent moon on all mosques, not the true God of Israel and Yahoshua our Messiah, son of God.

    • I live in Italy and I can assure Northern league isn’t far right at all.
      On the other hand, we have a truly far right movement too. Is the five star movement, and there are high chances that the leader (Beppe Grillo) is a muslim. He is married to an Iranian woman, which relatives are supporters of the Iranian regime. Grillo himself talked well about Iran. Too often he defends muslims and justify terrorists (like al qaeda, isis etc…) and talk trash about Israel. His program look very similar to the one of the NSDAP (the original Hitler’s nazi party) with a bit of Khomeinism.
      In Italy he was having success and he risked to become PM. Luckily now he is loosing popularity.

  4. I’m from Lombardy, the region that passed the law against mosque.
    I’ve read this thing yesterday on italian news and I laughed happily!
    Other italians say this law must extended to the whole italy. The problem is that Italy is mostly left winged. Lombardy is one of the few right winged regions (also due to the influences of the NL, the one that proposed this law).

  5. I wonder wheat the EU will have to say about this? This noble plan by the Italians will be shot down by the unelected traitors in Brussels(with secret bank accounts in the Cayman Islands)as being ISLAMOPHOBIC!

  6. Muhammad did not say Islam will conquer Rome, he said Constantinopole. And Jesus Christ has nothing to do with Islam – the Qurán denies crucifixtion and ressurection of Jesus.The muslims were carrying banners with wrong information.

    • Since Mohammed’s memory of the stories from the Torah and Gospels he’d heard over the campfires wasn’t too accurate, and he couldn’t read, his versions didn’t match the real thing. When challenged, he claimed his versions came from Allah and couldn’t be wrong, thus the Torah and Gospels had been corrupted. But what can we expect from an infallable “god” who’d spent centuries as an Arab moon god before mohammed promoted him; he even said the mountains held up the sky and gave divine sanction to whatever mohammed wanted whenever he wanted it?

      • OpAr5, when you consider this ( MENTAL RETARD OF LIFE ) was illiterate and warped in mind too. Must’ve taken so much bad drugs to cum up with the shit he did ! It’s almost like a very young & UNeducated child, is what I suspect maybe even DROPPED ON HIS HEAD,AT BIRTH ( ? ) or was left out in that sun for to long, does really affect ones mind chronically. And, many others must’ve had a similar issue to follow this nut case as they did. Or, was it only the evil FUCKTARDS ? Who really knows EH …

    • AH-64E: Do you really think the FMs* care whether or not the information they demonstrate with is false ?
      Do you you think it’s possible they know it’s false ? Do you think it’s possible that the FMs* use falsehoods on purpose ?
      Have FMs* ever been known to lie ?
      * Filthy Muslims

  7. Good for Italy! This should have been done long back. Now pack these cockroaches back to where they came from. They could swarm and spread their disease in their rat holes.

  8. Interesting. They put some thought into this and stipulations would make Islamic funding think twice before investing into mosque building.

    The snowball effect, let’s hope.

  9. I heartily recommend reading the late, great Oriana Fallaci’s two books about what the Muslims have done to Italy. These passionate works of hers were written a fair number of years ago. The situation was pretty bad then. I can only imagine what she would have thought of how things are NOW.

  10. If they “Butt Up” …. in front of the Milan cathedral …. have Quasimodo …. pour hot olive oil …. on them …. from the Gargoyles ? Monedas 1929 Comedy Jihad Sauteed Muslim Butts World Tour

  11. This cause of the place needing to be open to the public is a very good idea. Why not? Isn’t Islam a ‘peaceful’ religion wanting to share with – everyone? This could be a great idea for everywhere…

  12. We have Slovakia saying NO and now Italy says NO.

    When the Fuk is the UK going to wake up and say No??????

    W A K E U P ! ! ! !

    • I think UK and Sweden are hopeless (especially sweden. They’re still too proud og their open mindedness, or better their blindness)

  13. This article gives me hope but I think people should visit Europe now if they want to go. The way things are going it will be black with the plague of islam in a generation. As it is now, I would never visit France. So sad

    • France is still French in many places. You just need to leave the large cities. I was there last summer; toured the Loire Valley and Dijon. Didn’t see a single Muslim man in pajamas or a skirt, or a walking black bag. Not a mosque in site or earshot. Just native French leading wonderful French lifestyles everywhere, and all the wine you can drink!

      • Islam is a cancer and like all cancers, in time it will spread to those beautiful areas if it is not stopped with some chemotherapy

  14. I would love to say this is a glimmer of hope, but even if this law does pass (and believe me when I say I hope it does), it won’t do us in the US any good. Our government, and an overwhelming number of our citizens are INFECTED WITH THE LIES. Or in complete denial. Never overlook the fact that Obama got elected not once, but twice!! I see hard times ahead for us. I don’t think it’s very far off, either. I only hope there are enough of us who are ready to hold on to what we have when they come to take it away. That being said, kudos to at least part of Spain’s government, and to their citizens. To hell with that douche bag who wrote the article.

  15. Get the F*ck OUT !!!! The most beautiful country in the world CANNOT be overrun by parasites. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ITALY!!!!

    PS not a whisper of this protest in the MSM. Thanks again BNI for being the supplier of truth.

    God bless you.

  16. These Bastards of Bastards have 57 moslem countries to go to, let them go there. ….all the pedophile sex they would ever need, wife beatings accepted under the Black Book, muhammad the cross eyed Bastard pedophile, held in high esteem. ….contact the OIC, All moslems, PairofDice awaits you.

  17. Here is hopefully the start of their end in CULTist followers of PISSLAM ! Being nothing more than a front to civil unrest and abuse on the rest of the world we live in !

  18. Sadly, the modern day (and ongoing) Moorish invasion of Southern Europe has progressed too far. Barring a mass uprising (where Italians take matters into their own hands) to forcibly eject the Muslim savages; this is too little, too late.

  19. Mormonism is a cult. One has to believe in Joe Smith before being accepted as a practicing mormite. I love the Tabernacle Choir, though. It is something they do well.

    • Except that Mormons don’t go around killing people if they don’t want to be Mormon. I don’t give a rat’s if and what people worship as long as they don’t bother me with it

      • Which would be fine except you accept that people that believe in a fraudster as some kind of prophet and a book of fairy tales can vote and influence society in other ways, does that seem a good stance to take?

        I used to believe in the “oh it’s ok, you believe what you want just leave me alone” problem is the influence doesn’t stop just because they ‘aint knocking at your door ramming it down your throat it’s much more pervasive.