SLOVAKIA: Prime Minister says, “We will not tolerate mass Muslim immigration and building of mosques”

robertfico“When it comes to the fight against Islamic terrorism, countries should be passing laws that enable police to do surveillance on persons who are considered a potential threat to the country,” says Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico (photo above).

Gates Of Vienna  “Given that Slovakia is a country where the Catholic Church dominates, followed by the Lutheran Church, we cannot tolerate an influx of 300 – 400,000 Muslim immigrants who would start building mosques all over the place and endeavoring to change the nature, culture, and values of the state,” explained Fico.


The prime minister pointed out that some countries in the world are passing special laws concerning the fight against Islamic terrorism which give more leeway to police. “Maybe the world or events would (eventually) press on us to set different rules for certain groups when it comes to privacy, telephones or bank accounts,” said Fico.

Concerning Muslim terrorist attacks in Europe he said that Slovakia cannot act as if this problem is not also our concern. This is why, nowadays certain persons or ethnic groups are monitored much more carefully.

EU Muslim Population

“Most of the people in these groups are foreign born, but there also could be persons who are citizens of our country, acting in a way to raise suspicion that in the future they might do something harmful to the country (as we’ve seen in Western Europe) and we must be prepared.


Nowadays, the Slovak intelligence service focuses much more on effective international cooperation and information exchange.

Fico agrees with Miroslav Lajčák, the Slovak foreign minister, that the project of multiculturalism has failed. He claims that even though every decent person is welcomed in Slovakia, he must respect the environment, values and rules, which are dominant in Slovakia.