Will the highly offensive Muslim Call to Prayer be blasted from the halls of the Texas and Oklahoma State Capitol Buildings as it was in Washington State?

If BNI readers can get to the Capitol buildings in these states on the dates scheduled as ‘MUSLIM CAPITOL DAYS’ and organized by designated terrorist group CAIR, please report and film any anti-American Muslim supremacist activities such as praying on the floor and playing loud, offensive Muslim prayer calls.

Be sure to complain to officials and security at the Capitol. Then send the video to BNI.

Report from Washington State: designated-terrorist-group-cair-bused-in-hundreds-of-muslims-to-spit-in-the-face-of-america-by-blasting-the-highly-offensive-muslim-call-to-prayer-inside-the-washington-state-capitol-building


CAIR  On Thursday, January 29, Muslims from across the state will hold a news conference and rally to kick off “Texas Muslim Capitol Day” organized by CAIR-Texas. Numerous other civic organizations are supporting the event, which is expected to draw some 1,000 Muslims for meetings with lawmakers.

WHAT: Texas Muslim Capitol Day News Conference and Rally
WHERE: Press conference and rally on the south steps of the Capitol Building (1100 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701)
WHEN: Thursday, January 29, 10:30 a.m.

Following a morning rally, participants will attend a program on political activism. In the afternoon they will meet with lawmakers, requesting the following actions:

  • Continue full support of the Texas DREAM Act (Development, Relief, Education for Alien Minors)

  • Support and sponsor HB 474 and HB 455 requiring law enforcement to wear body cameras

  • Vote against HB 670, a so-called “anti-foreign law” bill (Especially now that Texas is allowing Sharia Law courts)

  • Support HJR 32 bill prohibiting courts from interpreting religious law 


Join CAIR Oklahoma on Friday, Feb 27, 2015 as we bring together Muslims from across Oklahoma to directly meet with their representatives and discuss the issues affecting Oklahoma’s Muslim Community. 


CAIR  At Muslim Day at the Capitol, participants receive training (no special skills or prior experience is necessary!), support, and encouragement throughout a day of civic engagement filled with meetings with elected officials. This event is educational, empowering and vital to the success of our community.

This unique opportunity provides community members with the ability to learn the intricacies of state and local government, meet your political representatives and develop the skills to be an effective advocate for the Muslim community!



Featured workshops and panel discussion at Muslim Day at the Capitol on:

* Racial Profiling and its Impact on Oklahoma

*  Support Teaching About the Islamic Religion in Public Schools

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