Gun-toting Mohammedan attempts to commandeer Dutch TV station

Police said in a statement that the Muslim gunman demanded airtime and threatened that bombs would go off at several locations around the Netherlands if his demand was not met.


UK Daily Mail  Tarik Zahzah begins to grow impatient, complaining ‘This is taking too long’. But then, police arrived with their guns drawn. ‘Drop it! Drop it! And get on your knees!’ armed officers shouted. He complied and was arrested. Zahzah could be charged with kidnapping, possession of a firearm, and threatening people with a weapon.

Translation of what Muslim terrorist said:

“Don’t yell and don’t warn your colleages. Act like there is nothing happening. I am heavyly armed. When you cooperate with my demands, nothing will happen to you. Realize that I am not alone. There are 5 more plus 98 hackers that stand ready for a cyberattack. Also there are 8 heavy explosives in the building that contain radioactive material. If you don’t take me to studio 8 to make a broadcast, we will be forced to take action.”