Islamic State (ISIS) allegedly has beheaded the second Japanese hostage – Kenji Goto

“When Japanese government, you, like your stupid satanic coalition allies must understand that we, by the grace of God, we are an Islamic caliphate with authority and power, a blood-thirsty army,” says the Islamic State executioner before the beheading.

INFOBAE  Attempts to conduct a hostage exchange between the governments of Jordan and Japan and the Islamic State (ISIS) have ended in failure. On Saturday afternoon the jihadist organization released a video of the beheading of Japanese hostage, journalist Kenji Goto, entitled “A message to the government of Japan.”


As in previous videos, fully dressed man covered in black, speaks with Goto, who is kneeling on the floor, dressed in orange. He continues, “Abe (Japanese President Shinzo Abe) with your reckless decision to participate in an unwinnable war, this knife not only will massacre Kenji, but also continue and cause a bloodbath where your people are.”

In the end, launches an even greater threat: “Let the nightmare begins for Japan”.

The video ends immediately after pictures of the beheading of Kenji, no mentions of another hostage held by ISIS, the Jordanian pilot Muadh to Kasasibah.

Attempts to conduct a hostage exchange between the governments of Jordan and Japan and the Islamic State (ISIS) have ended in failure. Despite the ongoing talks, Jordan distrusted the word of ISIS, which had demanded proof of life of Al Kasabeh, while it had launched a stern warning: “Kill our pilot and execute all his prisoners” .

You can see the video HERE


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  1. I wonder how Isis will react when you abduct their
    people and cut them piece by piece and mail
    their pieces back?? Put their fearlessness to the test.

  2. Every country blames the United States but they always call on us to help when in trouble. Screw ISIS/ISIL..bomb the shit out of em and bomb them again..I’m tired of seeing these dumb ass camel jockeys. .fuck Islam, muslims, etc…they all take turns in terrorism. ..

  3. i don’t understand whats happening now why did they allow those psychos to move free and i don’t understand why the US say they will destroy them but doing nothing.its already 2 years its more like the west granted them an independence instead of destroying them.

  4. So… the guy was not pro-Assad reporter, rather a pro-FSA one, but… oh well, even the most islamophilic kafir is still the enemy by virtue of being a kafr.

    • Every Kafir is an enemy of the blood thirsty muslims by default. Islamic Prophet Muhammad (Piss BUH) beheaded 800 jews in Medina.

      Learn about a historic anti-terrorism campaign by the brave Mongols from this video:

  5. Kudos for Jordan !! Exactly what should be done, screw with us we screw you back. NO money to them to help pay for more weapons.

    Unfortunately, the men and women need to understand that policy. ( and that’s why we need to respect, honor and support our troops!) I think they should all be issued suicide pills.

    What has happened to our passion for liberty! We have become lazy and unappreciative, like people who inherit millions of dollars and live frivolous lives. We do not treasure what are people fought and died for.

    Je suis Charlie Martel!

  6. The thing is that most of the victims of these guys are Muslims who are trying to live normal lives. They are in more danger than anyone. Not all Muslims act like this- in fact most Muslims now and through history have not acted like this. These people are too vicious for Al Qaeda. This group does not even have an ideology and does not care. These are wanton psychopaths. They would have joined the Nazis 75 years ago or would be part of Staln’s killing brigade. It’s not the world vs Islam; it’s the decent people of conscience against the cruelest of our species (which comes in many forms). Don’t let sociopathy triumph (whatever form it comes in).

    • GW, the Nazis were never more than 10% of the population. At 10%, IslamoNazis comprise about 150 million, even at only 1%, that is 15 million. You need to read the history of the Muslims who fought alongside Hitler in WWII. They were there in great numbers.

      So tell me, why can’t 1.35 billion muslims do anything to stop the rest of them? Simple answer: They don’t want to because of the Umma.

    • Gw – the trouble w/ most mozlems that want to lead normal(?) lives is the very cult they practice will always come back to bite them on the arse.
      You’re as thick as a plank if you think that following the book of a terrorist will lead to peace. Islam has a heart of darkness.

  7. Yes, they must do what Mohammed and his gang did! So never mind,Islam it’s peace!

    But stop there is a prescription: The pulverization of the Black Stone!

  8. I agree with how Jordon has responded. I would draw a line in the sand, and declare “From this day forth, we will leave you alone to live in peace. However, for every such innocent victim that is murdered, we will destroy 100 of you. You can choose to either live in peace, or eventually be destroyed. It’s your call!”

    • Gilly – mnice sentiment The flaw in your scenario though is that you expect them to be able to live in peace. Their aim is to extend and increase the power of their ‘caliphate’ – which they think i somehow divinely ordained.

      • Your Caliphate is being financed by Obama (sunni muslim). Wait till 2016 and see. Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is filthier than pigs.

  9. I say kill the bitch. She wanted to take out hundreds with her actions anyway. If you’re realistic, we all knew the pilot and the two innocent Japanese men were going to be killed by the assholes anyway. To their families…my most heart felt condolences to you. Must be hell to realize that only a coward as ISIS is…that the only way to get attention is to kill the innocent in such barbaric ways. Their ALA or whatever the hell he is called…and that they pray to is probably rolling over in his grave as they do this in his name. Their time will come and God Bless the USA and those fighting those worthless bastards.

    • You have to show people who have the will to do this that you have the will to do one worse. That is what they understand….

  10. Yes expel all the savages from civilized countries; raze the mosques down and burn every copy of the koran. Kill all the savages in our prisons especially the bitch whose release the bastards wanted as exchange for the 2 hostages.

  11. Yep!
    – Again!
    – Because islam, the islams and the ‘islam Appeasers’ are STILL everywhere . . . .
    1. STOP Tolerating The Treasonous Politicians Politicals and Local Government Councillors who are Assisting and Enabling the ongoing islam invasion of Civilised Society.
    2. STOP Tolerating The Treasonous Politicians Politicals and Local Government Councillors Other Treasonous and Seditious acts against Civilised Society.
    3. STOP Tolerating Treasonous Lazy Naive Gullible Citizens who choose to be led to their death by Vile Putrid Malevolent Deceiving islam Savages and the Criminal Civilised Society Politicians Politicals and Local Government Councillors .
    4. and THEN Civilised Society can finally AND actively STOP Tolerating the Intolerant and Intolerable Vile Putrid Malevolent Deceitful Invading islam Savages.

    Civilised Society ….
    Ensure the following steps are carried out ….
    1. Incarcerate all Civilised Society Politicians Politicals Local Government Councillors AND The PC (Cultural Marxist) Mind Controlled who are Assisting/Enabling the ongoing islam invasion of Civilised Society
    • (ALL of them are Traitors/Seditionists against Civilised Society).
    2. Stop ALL islam immigration to Civilised Society.
    3. Expel ALL islams -(after non-negotiable Sterilisation)- from Civilised Society.
    4. “Expel” ALL unwilling to go islams.
    5. Bulldoze ALL islam’s “Mostgrotesques” – islam’s mosques.
    6. Expel ALL -(survived their incarceration)- ‘islam Appeasers’ from Civilised Society.
    7. “Expel” ALL unwilling to go -(survived their incarceration)- ‘islam Appeasers’.

    Segregate each and every islam and ‘islam Appeaser’ from Civilised Society – for the islams’ and Appeasers’ lifetime !
    (to ensure the life of The Civilised Person)

    Stop ISLAMS BUTT LIFTING Anywhere and Everywhere !!!!
    Make it that no place on earth is safe/available for islams to FART @ HEAVEN

    Let no islam or ‘islam Appeaser’ go unaccounted for !!!!

  12. Guess Kenji wasn’t the Go To guy he thought he was.

    Japan’s response should be to abrogate islam throughout their territories, every moslem removed, every property and asset seized, mohammedanism declared anathema in their constitutution.

  13. I get the feeling Japan won’t take this lying down, as the rest of the world does. Japan doesn’t like being in the news or to be threatened in any way. Will be very interesting Japan’s response.

  14. Why do these videos always cut away, but they had the video that one time where they executed over ten people that showed the whole process.

  15. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. We are dealing with insane savages. The crumpled up and thrown away trash that absolutey no one wanted. They even had to leave their countries because no one and I mean not even a dog wants them around. My condolences to Jspan and prayers for the pilot. Time for people of the entire world to unite in a fight against Lucifer’s right hand men….Isil

  16. According to Obama and MSM, this is not islamic, hell, it isn’t even terrorism, it’s violence but has nothing to do with Islam. Muslims -> more muslims ++++ terrorism. ANd you would then say less Muslims -> less terrorism, more safety and security in your society. Therefore Stop Muslim Immigration Now. I’m going to start using a hashtag #SMIN on tweeter. Short but connects conversations about this ‘radical’ lol step we should take.

  17. Now what rationale do those New Left Jew – Haters say to blame Israel for this Japanese man’s beheading barbarism? Since some of the Left Wackos carried protest signs linking Ferguson to Gaza, they’ll have to get their top Crazy Pathological islamist Liars to blow smoke to win the hearts and minds of the naive world’s Infidels. Can’t wait to hear the mass media’s spin as they switch the accurate words “Islamic terrorist butchery” to “Rebels Response to Islamophobia” or some other gross distortion!

      • But Pakis blame India. We r soft targets for these assholes b,coz We’ll never attack them. After Peshawar attack they blamed us.
        Back in 2013 when 5 Indian Peaceniks were murdered Indian govt pushed for talks

        BTW Peacenik means soldiers for peace

        I say if they have guts then even tease Israel they will not be able to point finger at that tiny country

      • I am a doctor (not a Paki) and have been serving in northern pakistan. So far pakistan has never officially held india responsible for anything. as far as I remember India blamed pakistan for mumbai attacks and every second issue they face.

        As far as i know Indian Govt blame pakistan for everything and on other end they play the dirty game by financing TTP to cause trouble in Pakistan. grow up and see the facts before you blame anyone.

    • Same with me. Like all of us no one wants to see innocent people killed. But I’d love for all terrorists in Guantanamo Bay, and other prisons around the world, to be executed. Of course after fair trials and the appeals process have run their course. I really hope Jordan does this. Pakistan is supposedly going through a large purge of executing convicted terrorists at the moment since the Taliban school massacre.

  18. easiest way to kill this Guy is just send a Sniper to hide out after pin pointing the location of execution an take him out with a sniper rifle im sure if he ends up shot in the head he wont be standing anymore with that knife saying the same old things an doing the same old thing in every single one of these pointless videos im for certian if the goverments cared they would have made a concerded effort by now to take him out with a sniper rifle

    • ” ….an take him out with a sniper rifle ”
      No way. This prick grew up in England and turned his back on the West. He’s personally ended so many people’s lives in the most barbaric way. I’d like to see him taken alive – and imprisoned in a country that will not be hamstrung by pant-wetting leftists who will claim he had a bad childhood etc. This prick really needs to experience real pain – and maybe a few broomhandles.

    • That’s a bright idea. I’m just wondering if as soon as the hostages were taken that they should’ve threatened to execute the suicide bag in prison. Then actually go thru w/ it & keep executing moz they want until they stop.
      Same w/ kidnappings. State that if the hostages are not released by a nominated time, that ‘we’ will bomb a certain area that will make the terrorists very unpopular amongst their own. And bombing will continue until our people are released, safely.
      This kind of savagery – its a base mindlessness. You can’t reason w/ it, it has no compassion, it will never stop. It’s fed by primeval instinct. Notice how they weren’t even very serious by asking for 200m they knew they wouldn’t get that amount. They just wanted more public blood sacrifice, & had to make it look justified by ransom refusal. It’s rare to get people back.
      I thought it was an idiot move to hand over a whole lotta Taliban by US recently. There’s no gain to be had.
      That idiot David Hicks from Gilles Plains Mosque recently had all his charges overturned. I wish he’d stayed in Gitmo. We didn’t need him back. He should’ve been shot on the spot as a traitor by the military that found him.
      We’ve got to play it tougher to reverse this dynamic.

    • Please do not use “vampire” to describe these mofos. I love vampires, and I certainly wouldn’t want to kill one. Don’t soil my favorite literary work of fiction with these mfs

    • WRONG! I think that it is about time that I broke my silence. The best way to instill fear into the Radical Muslim Population is by giving them a return message of greater force… meaning what? Simple really… capture one of the higher ranking ISIS bastards and then put me in a black hood and name me Paul Revere. I shall then show the world a grave that has been dug and then a pig will be brought into the picture and then I shall inform the ISIS bastards of the fact that I shall bury their fellow Islamic brother, 69ing a pig whilst his head is sniffing the pigs ass… of course, I would behead the Muslim. I would then inform the radicals that all of them would be caught and would be treated in the same way. For those who do not know, the worst insult for a Muslim is to be buried with a pig in this fashion as I quickly described. I would remind all of you that radicals exist in all faiths and religions; however, all have a tactical weakness to approach. This is the way for this particular group.

  19. The Jordanian pilot must already be dead. Here’s to hoping Jordan makes good on its threat to execute every Islamic terrorist they hold prisoner. The bastards got nothing out of this, no money, no prisoner swap. Nothing. As it should be.

      • That is exactly what they need to do- execute them at once. They should torture the Iraqi woman (hate to say it as a woman myself but gynecological torture instruments and all (Auschwitz style) – she can leave the head scarf on for modesty- and torture her over a period exposed and on film. You have to let the enemy know that whatever he is willing to do you will match him and raise him 5- and that’s not Machiavelli, it’s Mao. Machiavelli is for idealists.

  20. Will the Japanese make Riyadh their next ”Pearl Harbor”, and once again EAT the soldiers that their Kamikazi soldiers capture. If a world war against Islam breaks out this could potentially cause the death of 500 million Jihadist soldiers.

  21. Thanks to Japan for not caving in to the evil demands of the muslum terrorist scum. If we give in to the muslum demands, pay ransoms, stop freedom of press to appease muslums then it will only get worse with more abductions to get more money. We must say no to all ransom demands and threats of violence to stop our freedom of speech.

    • Agree to that and also for the people, journalist, writer that go to muslim infested country for a vacation, specially if their spot is syria, seriously they should change their mind right away. People should also do their part for their safety because the government will not be responsible for their life if they were caught by these terrorist.

  22. Nuke the Mythical islamic state into Submission NOW!! They’re evil / demonic / satanic driven ALL my satan’s spirits!!

    ONLY OUR GOD is TRUE and HIS LOVE is STRONGER than satan’s hate!!

    Our GOD is ( HaShem-Yahweh-Elohim-Jehovah-Hosanna-EL SHADDAI ) and HE LOVES us through our KING / LORD ( ADONAI ) / MESSIAH / SAVIOR – Yeshua-Jesus Christ!!

    Shabbat Shalom Everyone, YSIC \o/


    • Oh good grief – now it’s “My god is better than your god”! Where will this religion madness lead to?? Souldn’t it be OBVIOUS that belief in supernaturals of whatever stripe lead to trouble?

      • A lot of us here …. are not as religious …. as our beloved Kristiann 1 …. but, even us Sunday school skippers …. are with her 100% …. on this one …. Islam is satanic …. and needs a Reformation …. the Jews and Christians reformed …. we are better for it …. it’s called evolution of the soul …. I guess Darwin didn’t touch on that ?

      • Lincoln Applegate Hahn.
        The un-reformed Jews and Christians aren’t a problem either.
        It’s not about Islam refusing to reform. It’s just about Islam.
        Reformed or not, it has to go.

    • Whoops , NOT my Spirit’s!!

      So sorry, I misspelled the word!!

      I meant to say ISIS is filled with satanic spirit’s!!

      Love Always and Shalom Everyone, YSIC \o/


    • The koran says 91 times that muslims are to imitate muhammad.

      Every chapter in the koran begins with a verse reminding that the koran has no meaning without muhammad.

      And who was muhammad?

      “Muhammad is a narcissist, a pedophile, a mass murderer, a terrorist, a misogynist, a lecher, a cult leader, a madman, a rapist, a torturer, an assassin and a looter.”

      Former Muslim Ali Sina offered $50,000 to anyone who could prove otherwise based on Islamic texts. The reward has gone unclaimed.

  23. Was there ever any doubt that this would be the end result? The crocodile, “Islam” eats whoever and whenever “IT” wants; “ITS” appetite is always insatiable.