NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #133: Muslim employee sues employer over alleged ‘Islamophobia’

MAINE: Muslim who worked at Bath Iron Works files federal lawsuit claiming shipyard employees harassed and spat at him. (Begs the question why would a military contractor hire a muslim in the first place?)


Bangor Daily News  A former Bath Iron Works employee who alleges he was harassed, routinely spat at by other employees and subjected to hate speech over a number of years because he is of Palestinian descent and a Muslim has filed suit in U.S. District Court claiming the company violated his civil rights. The suit also alleges that the defense contractor allowed an “anti-Muslim culture” to become ingrained at its facilities.

The suit, which seeks unspecified damages, alleges that from the time Husam D. Abed began working at BIW in 2007 until he took a leave of absence and left employment last year, he “faced severe discrimination and harassment based solely on his religion, race and national origin,” Abed’s attorney, Shaun M. Khan, wrote in a November complaint. Khan claims that Abed worked in a culture of routine hate speech that was not prevented by the company.HATEFLAG_1_14443827-600x450

According to court documents, an Afghanistan flag given to BIW by the U.S. Marine Corps for the company’s support of the United Way and Toys for Tots — which continues to hang “in plain view” in the mail walkway at BIW’s Hardings facility — was “decimated with hate graffiti,” marked with the words “Devils” and “kill them,” and with a drawing of a bomb over the mosque in the center of the flag.

The suit alleges that Abed had to walk by the flag, which had graffiti “that degrades his religion on a daily basis.” It also claims that he witnessed multiple BIW employees spit on the flag.


“Moreover, the sickening graffiti was in plain view of all supervisors and managers at BIW and was ignored as the flag still hangs today at the Hardings Facility at BIW,” the suit claims. “This is a prime example of the anti-Muslim culture ingrained at BIW.”

During the years he was employed at the shipyard, Abed also was “routinely spit at by other employees who he had never spoken with,” the suit claims, continuing, “It was clear to Abed that people were doing this to him because of his religion and national origin.” One co-worker and a supervisor in particular allegedly targeted Abed, “spewing hate speech” near their cubicles, including such comments as “Palestinian[s] are terrorists.”

Abed left work under the Family Medical Leave Act, according to documents, and then resigned “due to emotional distress.” (Of course he did, living off the government dole is the reason most muslims come here in the first place while they try to convert us to islam )


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