AUSTRIA: Vandals spray-painted swastikas on Vienna mosque ahead of the country’s first PEGIDA anti-Islamization march


Pegida – which roughly translates as “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West” – has marched in other European countries, notably Germany, but this was their first demonstration in Austria. Several hundred are believed to have attended, with others joining an anti-Pegida protest nearby.



IB Times  In December another Vienna mosque was targeted by thugs who left a pig’s head. Last September a street sign was reportedly defaced to read “Sharia Street.”

A spokesman for Austria’s Pegida movement, Georg Immanuel Nagel told newspaper Die Presse the group wanted legislation passed to ban “Islamism”, including anyone promoting Sharia law.


There are around half a million Muslims in Austria out of a total 8.5 million in a mostly Catholic country. The right wing Freedom Party, which has wide popular support, appears to agree with much Pegida stands for.

Freedom Party Leader Heinz Christian Strache (below) said Pegida was a “serious civil rights movement”. Recently, referring to Pegida’s spiritual home he told cheering followers: “I’m with Pegida in my heart every week in Dresden.”

"Vienna must NOT become Islanbul"
Freedom Party Leader Heinz Christian Strache says,”Vienna must NOT become Islanbul”