GERMANY: Muslim savage accused of stabbing pregnant German girlfriend in the belly, then burning her alive in suspected Muslim ‘honor’ killing

“Police are investigating a possible ‘honor’ killing of a heavily pregnant 19-year-old woman by her Muslim boyfriend. The young woman, Maria P., was stabbed twice in the abdomen, then doused with gasoline and set on fire alive in a forest in Berlin Adlershof, where she was burned to death.

10  Police are investigating if one of the perpetrator’s Turkish Muslim family instigated the murder. The alleged killers were taken into custody over the weekend.

New details allege that her ex-boyfriend did not want to keep their child, said the spokesman for the prosecutor, Martin Steltner, talking about the motive of the suspected killers. Investigators are not ruling out the possibility that the woman was ‘honor’ killed to revenge the ‘dishonor’ brought upon the Muslim family.

The suspected killers of 19-year-old Maria P., both also 19, have been imprisoned in the Plötzensee youth detention centre. They are jointly accused of murder. An alleged accomplice, who also hails from northern Neukölln, has partially confessed to his involvement in the murder.

In initial interviews, the ex-boyfriend, a Turkish citizen, said that he was pressured by his family because Maria – although she converted to Islam – was not good for him. He separated from Maria and demanded the abortion of their unborn child. The police are investigating the question of what role the Muslim family of the boyfriend played and whether they incited him to the act.