ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) Muslim savages kill captured Jordanian pilot by burning him alive in a cage

Muslim jihadists fighting for the Islamic State terror group in Syria and Iraq have released a video they claim shows Jordanian pilot Maaz al-Kassasbeh being burnt alive while locked in a cage.

Let’s hope the Jordanians retaliate on the Muslim terrorist prisoners in Jordanian jails as they promised to do if the pilot was not released.

Jordanians holding up photo of pilot after he was captured by ISIS

Jordanians holding up photo of pilot after he was captured by ISIS

UK Daily Mail  The footage, which is titled ‘Healing the Believers Chests’ appears to show the captured airman wearing an orange jumpsuit as a trail of petrol leading up to the cage is seen being set alight.

Flames are seen quickly spreading to the cage where they completely engulf the helpless pilot in images that are far too distressing to publish.

The pilot dressed in the prisoner orange jumpsuit

The pilot dressed in the prisoner orange jumpsuit

Yesterday Jordan government spokesman Mohammed al-Momeni said the kingdom was doing ‘everything’ it could to secure the release of Kassasbeh, who was captured by ISIS after his F-16 fighter jet crashed in territory controlled by the militants in Syria in December.


However the statement came with an explicit threat that if ‘hero’ Kassasbeh came to any harm, Jordan would ‘quickly judge and sentence’ all those it holds on suspicion of being members of ISIS.


The video comes just days after ISIS’ British executioner in chief, Jihadi John, savagely murdered Japanese journalist Kenji Goto in a shocking filmed beheading after days of intensive negotiations through intermediaries to save him. 

The footage showing Kassasbeh’s gruesome murder appears to be professionally shot and edited in the style of the horrific beheading videos featuring the terror group’s executioner in chief, Jihadi John.  

Starting the fire headed for the cage

Starting the fire headed for the cage

Yesterday Jordanian government spokesman Momeni said: ‘All state organisations have been mobilised to secure the proof of life that we require so that he can be freed and returned to his home.’

‘We are still ready to hand over the convict Sajida al-Rishawi in return for the return of our son and our hero,’ Mohammad al-Momani added. 


He condemned the jihadists’ murder of Japanese journalist 47-yer-old Goto after days of intensive efforts through intermediaries to save him, adding: ‘We spared no effort, in coordination with the Japanese government, to save his life.’

Last week Jordan vowed to fast-track the execution of Sajida al-Rishawi if ISIS kills Kaseasbeh. It apparently warned ISIS that she and other jailed ISIS commanders would be ‘quickly judged and sentenced’ in revenge for the execution of the pilot.


Intelligence sources said ISIS’s refusal to prove that Kaseasbeh was alive meant any deal with the militants was doomed. 

Jordan subsequently stepped up its rhetoric by warning of its intent to retaliate if the negotiations end in bloodshed.


Here is the horrific full-length (22-min) Hollywood-production quality incineration video put out by ISIS. Fast forward to 17:00 to bypass all the propaganda:

The video posted here earlier has been deleted. The links below seem to be working:

Jordianian Pilot burned alive

Or here:

Jordanian pilot burned alive

Or here:

Jordanian pilot burned alive


Apparently, Iraqi prisoner Sajida al-Rishawi, will be hanged in Jordan as retaliation on Wednesday. Jordan will execute a total of 5 ISIS prisoners.

The Daily Mail  The release of the video has prompted Jordan to announce it will execute all prisoners convicted of association with ISIS ‘within hours’. This includes Sajida al-Rishawi – the female failed suicide bomber whom ISIS had originally demanded Jordan release in exchange for Kasasbeh.



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  1. World rise up and wipe these pigs off the face of the Earth. Whatever it takes. Muslims who follow them, the burning of this young man shows you explicitly that they are simply killers , not followers of Islam. Burning is prohibited by Islam. See them for what they are , serial killers. You are their brainwashed pawns. Purify yourself and leave them. Ask Allah for forgiveness for the harm you have done to humanity. How could you harm anyone? It is sick. Not Islam.

    • Keep reading Brandy, you are deluded.

      These are muslimes…..and ALL muslimes believe what these ones believe.

      They ALL worship a rigid 7th century pedophilic bedouin’s dictates TO THE LETTER. islame is a sick death cult populated by psychopath.

      A “moderate” muslime is as hard to find as a Unicorn. Good luck with that.

    • Brandy- I feel sorry for the mozlem pilot when he must have realized – as many of his predecessors have that – THIS IS ISLAM.
      Snap out of it. Mohammedans are notorious infamous pyromaniacs.
      If you’re mozlem how about coming to your senses & leaving Islam.
      If you follow a terrorist such as muhummad why do you keep expecting peace?
      Square peg in round hole syndrome.
      Any ‘normal’ decent human would leave a cult that was associated w/ any of these.
      It’s hard to see any mozlem as a decent person, after all you don’t give a shit about all its victims enough to stop the vanity of continuing dspite all the satanic reinforcement.

  2. I will never get over how these monsters believe that slicing into a person’s neck or burning them to death like this is a “good thing” to do, and that their god finds favor in this sort of crazed, savage behavior. What’s worse is that the media refuses to link this savagery to its source, which is the ONLY way that civilized human being will ever stop them.

  3. The poor fellow seems to have been tortured. It’s so in humane. He’s the only one that looked defiant to the end. Mate you died a hero.

    It’s as if these animals sit around a table and brainstorm what new way they could find to kill someone gruesomely.

    Jordan revenge revenge revenge.

    Jordan be the First civilised Nation to stand up to these terrorists and show the rest of the world what needs to be done.

  4. Isis has just lost the war, the dumbest move ever. The Jordanian govt will pour lots of money in to fighting these gutless scums, you don’t want too fuck with one of the richest nations in the world. Justice will be served.

    • Don’t bank on it. The victim’s powerful family demonstrated AGAINST the King. They want Jordan OUT of the ‘Coalition’. They need to be shown MUCH MORE proof of the living hell which IS unleashes on its OCCUPIED territories. They need to understand that that will be their fate too. They can live on their knees or die on their feet, while taking with them a few of the ‘hijackers’ of their ‘peaceful’ CULT.

      Talking heads on CBC opine that IS is winning the propaganda war, appealing to many to join their cause.

      We can only hope that at the same time, MILLIONS will turn in their membership cards to mo’s brothel in the sky, not JUST for these psychopathic demonstrations, but because there have been NO major demonstrations AGAINST those koranic justified displays of insanity, no million man marches roaring: “Not in our name.”

  5. Speechless and furious at the same time. Can’t watch the video – reading the article was enough for me.

    and I thought I hated them for their treatment of animals…..this just escalated my ire to points of un-thought of regions….

    Jordan should throw those pieces-of-shit prisoners in similar cages, one at a time, and set them ablaze as well. Let THEM taste the flames of perdition…

    I need a friggin’ drink!

    • I too hate them for their treatment of animals among other things. That is reason enough to take them off the streets and away from civilized society. Let one of those cockroaches abuse an animal or another human being in front of me. I’ve had it.

      • Same here, Fate. They don’t want to do this shit in front of me – I’ll lose it and they’ll be needing body bags!

        You just DON’T mess with kids or critters when I’m around. The results won’t be pleasant.

    • I’m with you, Had…

      It’s appalling that something that supposedly originates with the human race can do the things we see on this site.

      I’d love to share a nice double of Blanton’s Kentucky bourbon, warmed on the woodstove…neat.

      • “Humans”. I’m almost ashamed of being one with this carnage going on.

        Sweet! Me likes bourbon…lol
        Just bought a bottle of Passport Scotch. Not bad at room temp and straight up. Second one had a splash of club soda – equally good.

  6. Threats of execution probably don’t hold much sway with psychos who profess to love death more than we love life. Some suitably despicable and degrading torture (involving pork, perhaps) that doesn’t martyr the prisoner in the process would possibly be more effective.

    • Jordan said it would hang them. If pork involved, I would wrap their bodies in fresh pig skin with a woman carrying out the punishment.

    • as a jordanian, the execution is not a threat, but a certainty, in 4 hours, at dawn here in jordan, the execution shall take place by hanging till death

    • I can’t believe what I’ve just seen. It’s horrific to realize the medieval times are unfortunately alive and well… I always hated that era in human history because I imagined it exactly like this. Seems I was right. Now the world’s come back to burning people alive, like in the witch trials… We’re witnessing “the islamic crusades”.

      The captions near the end of the (full) video read: ““Ibn Taymiyya, may Allah have mercy on him said: So if horror of commonly desecrating the body is a call for them [the infidels] to believe [in Islam], or to stop their aggression, it is from here that we carry out the punishment and the allowance for legal Jihad”.

      Do they seriously think such barbarism would convert any “infidel” to Islam or stop any aggression?? The only effect it has on an “infidel” like me is pure hatred. They just cause more aggression and it will (hopefully!!) backfire on them soon. Can’t say I’m all fearful and ready to bow down to islamofascists now, quite the opposite actually.

      I used to have sympathy for the people in the ME war zones, and although I still feel sorry for the innocents there, all that’s left to say is: If you don’t support ISIS and still live in lands occupied by ISIS, RUN for your lives and at least try to leave those countries while you still have a chance – the peoples of the world are now ready and willing to nuke that scum back to the dinosaur era….!!

  7. Unspeakable evil. Pure psychopathy. How can anybody think this is justifiable?
    I couldn’t look.
    What absolute shock the family & the people closest to this poor pilot must have received upon this news.
    Most were brought up on blood, how the ‘converts’ become so infected I do not know.
    How many practiced this on animals first? And how young were they? We’re converts like this first, or after introduction to Islam.
    A tour of Hades, in full view. We better win this war, for all of humanity.
    My condolences to the pilot & his loved ones.

    • You watch the next death will be tying all four limbs attaching them to cars and tearing them apart. Their sick they make Hannibal look like a pussy.

    • Jac, noitce how the religion of these psychopaths is never quoted before they “convert” (change their religion).

      If they had no religion to begin with they cannot “convert” – they simply join the islamic death cult, which in turn breeds more psychopaths.

  8. Goddamn it! This is just too horrible, it’s a mind numbing shock. It’s way past the time when the islamic state (is) should have been eradicated. It must now be done, thoroughly, made extinct.

  9. The deceit of these primitives comes again to the fore.
    All the while they continued “negotiations” it was merely a device to milk more publicity for themselves. The man had been long dead.
    What spawn of satan these people are

  10. Jesus Christ, these guys make al-Qaeda look like the Hare Krishna. John Cantlie better hope his death is quick. For now, he’s being kept alive for propaganda purposes. Good move by Jordan for refusing to release the female terrorist. The pilot was dead all along.

      • That’s what I’m talking about. Jordan refused to release her without proof the pilot was alive. Agreeing to do something and actually doing it are two different things. Anyway, it looks like that beard in Goto’s video was photo shopped. He only has 10 days of stubble at the most.

      • Then this might have happened long ago. But what ever it is we need to realize that these people have abandoned humanity hence they should not be given any in return.

        These are not human, they have traded their soul away to the devil and became its minions.

        Kill them all.

        • AM- remember when ISIS captured this pilot they had a net contest for suggestions on how the pilot should die.
          It makes sense that they would’ve gone stupid on the pilot not long after.
          His groin was drenched in blood at that stage. He would’ve had very perverted abuse committed upon him.
          Then when JJ asked for ransom of $200m it was like he wasn’t even really interested.
          The whole farce was to get themselves on the worlds screen.
          I couldn’t watch the burning, but I could see the B grade film was of utmost importance, to their narcissistic tendencies.

      • No API,(i am from India too and a Hindu)what he meant probably is to show the difference in the gravity of the situation like comparing isis to all other previous terror groups in their methods of brutality in which isis has surpassed all ,putting them(other terror groups) way behind,so in that context even al qaeda would look as a innocent baby.

  11. Notice the terrorist all have new/matching uniforms etc,, Find who is supplying them then bomb the hell out of them. Note, that they call this fellow Muslim a Crusader. Yes, we have been fighting them for 1400 years but they lay back until they get a sympathetic President (?) in our White House then really up the stakes. I stood with other Texans Sunday two weeks ago in Houston and saw the hate and disdain of those who were attending the No insulting Islam meeting.The average Muslim will stand by and due nothing to defend ohter Muslims, think they will defend you the infidel?

    • Talk about the MSM apologists and appeasers dancing on a pin-head. The end result is the same, and according to their book of vile that is entirely Islamic. I’m not sure matters whether death comes from beheading (Islamic) or burning (apparently un-Islamic) it remains MURDER which of course is Islamic.

    • Yeah, Muslims destroy Western Civilization and the media works full time attempting to convince us that it’s not about Islam. Well, liberals believe them, I guess. I never thought I’d see the day when the American people were attacked by the media, leftists and politicians with such patently evil and obvious lies.

  12. A message to you Muslim SCUM – come here and try this shit and we blow your fucking heads off one by one. Any survivors will be fed to the alligators!

    • Rebecca they would surely route in HELL…. God loves everyone i see no reason why Muslims should do all this…. Mind exchanging contact?

    • Fuck YOU all isis, you are sick each of you, i Will fuck you personally each by each I will kill you suckers

  13. The UK Daily Mail report suggests Jordan was seeking proof of life ‘yesterday’…yet IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh’s artistically edited incineration video supposedly surfaced Saturday. The US and it’s MSM affiliates managed to keep this quiet for three days.

    Ynet: Jordan says pilot was killed Jan. 3

    Is it possible Jordan was unaware of this pilot’s demise during the entire last 4 weeks?

  14. When are the people of west europe, usa going to rise up, overthrow our tormenters, the traitor phony politicians who are leading us all towards the horrors we are seeing, who are stopping us wiping out this nazi muslim vermin plague?

    Until we snuff out the merkels, camerons, obamas, hollande, et al, we are just waiting for our turn to come at the hands of these monsters.

    Islam has to closed down, lock stock and barrel!

    Best to start getting armed now, carry a knife, gun, clubs, whatever,
    If you run into any muslims are you going to let them push you around?

    Civil war is just around the corner now, i personally cannot stand the sight of a muslim whenever i pass one in street, or see them in public.

    People are going start torching them, soon, like the pilot, tit for tat, our military could have putten these animals to grave easily long time ago, but we been sold out
    To islam oil money by traitor class beauracrats and left wing idiots, wannabe che
    Guvera type losers.

    Islam is 1000s times more wicked than hitler and nazis.


    • dude.dont hate every single muslim because of these animals.not everyone is mad like them.1 rotten potato spoils the whole bag if not taken care of on time.If you treat everyone the same way,its going to get even worst then before.I have some friends who are muslims,they are very kind and even hate those animals and feel ashamed because of their people and religion…..i just want to say is punish the criminal not his whole family.

      • Where is their outrage? Why are they not speaking out, in public, denouncing this crap?
        If they are not against it, they are for it. Silence denotes apathy and apathy is NOT a “stand”.

        You have made poor choices in your rank of friends. Beware your neck….

  15. Where are the leftist voices now? Where is the human outrage against Islam ? Do not hide under the radical Islam label. The problem is Islam.Every single member of this political system that as all evil finds refuge in anything , in this case it is a pseudo religion called Islam.

    • The left is very busy right now explaining how this has nothing to do with islam. However mo himself burned a man alive trying to extract the exact location of his treasure. This is VERY ISLAMIC! Islam is satanic and this was a satanic act.

    • Shut the F up about leftist leaning people. Chicken hawk leaders on right have little who served their country. Sick of you stupid divisionest BS. We are as enraged as anyone else.

  16. come on Jordan! eye for an eye like your Koran says.. burn that disgusting wannabe suicide bomber alive! Islam brings out a lot of hate in us infidels. just like Nazism and communism.

  17. Fed up with pathetic comments from pathetic world leaders the fact is we are becoming less than serfs in the system. The working classes and middle classes have always been cannon fodder for the rich and powerful it appears we are more so these days we are controlled because we allow ourselves to be so.

  18. He saw his horrific death coming. Last photo shows him on his knees, arms outstretched.

    Although extremely distressing for the brave pilot, it is to be noted that muslims routinely burn Christians alive (and animals also) and no media speak of this when it occurs.

    Hope Jordan puts Al Qaeda lady in cage and lights her up the same way. It’s the only language they understand. Put a few prisoners in cage along with her, set the example.


    • What part didn’t you get. They don’t give a f… about the prisoners in Jordan. All they care about is satisfying their thirst for gore and suffering of other people. They were the young boys who used to set the neighbourhood cat on fire. They have just graduated to bigger things. ISIS give them the permission to do this publicly without any retribution.

      • That’s right Squidley. It starts in infancy when they damage the mozlem babies brain, by screaming the Koran into its ear.

    • That would be justice indeed, added to which should be the other ISIS followers currently held in Jordan’s prisons. They then need to find jihadists zjihadi and put him in a cage and some……..Words fail at this horror and one can only hope and pray that this young man is now in the loving arms if his hesvenly father for all eternity. I feel a lynch pin may have been removed and all hell is going to be let loose.

      • It is sort of an American idiom, saying that X is so awful that it makes Y look like something innocuous. JG could have said cub scouts or Rotary club instead of Hare Krishna.

      • Al Qaeda were not saints either. Remember 9/11. Many victims were burned alive in world trade center. Al Qaeda did not feel anything about killing thousands of innocent people. Al Qaeda has never shown any humanity, understanding or good principles where non-Muslims are concerned. They are all same. Al Qaeda was more covert and ISIS is advertising their cruelty openly. That’s the only difference. I think they are doing it now because they have some money and a land under their control whereas Al Qaeda had to depend on governments. What ISIS is doing now was what Al Qaeda would have hoped to achieve.

    • How? Muslim has been killing each other in the name of islam (sunni, shia, ahmadiyya).
      And about burning people: Qur’an (22:19-22), Hadith Bukhari (11:626).

    • What would Obama do? In the event ISIS top terrorist monsters were captured, this is what Obama would do:
      Obama: The Skype’s the limit for worst terrorists
      ‘High-value’ Guantanamo Bay prisoners enjoy special privilege

      Skype visits with their families. High-tech laptops. Computer lessons. Language skills training, etc. Sunni Muslim Obama wants nothing but the best for his Muslim brothers – top terrorists in Gitmo. Obama wants to ensure the terrorists do a far superior job when released to return to major jihad against hated Infidel America and the Free World.

      Meanwhile, intensely hated American military are rotting in jail – sentenced to many years in jail as punishment for defending themselves against barbaric Muslim terrorists. FREE UNJUSTLY JAILED AMERICAN MILITARY HEROES NOW!

    • Where’s the “like” button.

      I noticed how devoid of passion our president’s response was to this latest atrocity. Almost like he was saying the words out of obligation but would rather have not been saying the words. We need someone to wipe those caliphate cockroaches from the face of the Earth, like yesterday.

      • That’s because he’s devoid of compassion. He’s a mosquerat. And much to his dismay, his own words, “should the political winds shift against islam, I will stand with islam”, are biting him in the ass.

        The proverbial “toothpaste” is out of the tube and he’s trying to shove it back in….

  19. The full video should be shown in every mosque and school in the UK just to so that we can all see how so many Muslims kill their brothers.

  20. ALERT: Jordan moved Rishawi and five other convicted prisoners to Swaqa, the only prison near Amman where executions take place. (AlJazeera)

    BREAKING NEWS: Failed suicide bomber Sajida Al-Rishawi and 5 other terror convicts will be executed in hours. (@SkyNewsArabia_B)

  21. Islam has murdered people by beheading, crucifixions, canings, stonings, tossing them off buildings, hangings, and throwing acid on their bodies. This execution… my jaw dropped. I didn’t expect this depravity. Yet, with Muslims… any sick and twisted behavior is possible.

    Yes, I hope the Jordanian government retaliates as they had promised. They need too… its the only language Muslims understand.

    • They sit around and figure ways to appease their sadistic nature. In the western world they would be called serial killers. Except they don’t have to hide.

      • I agree with you both Squidley and Pray Hard. Yes, Muslims are serial killers who don’t have to hide… and I like the comparison to a bottomless septic tank. All true.

        With all the things I know Muslims do… which I mentioned; I left out some stuff- like burying people alive. Still had not expected this. The muzzies poured a trail of gasoline so that when set afire it traveled to the cage. The pilot could see the flames coming. The sand beneath him had been soaked with gasoline… AS HAD HIS CLOTHES. His pitiful attempts to break through the bars was unbelievable… but it was there and the muzzies boasted with pride about their sick accomplishment.

        The Jordanians demanded proof of their pilot being alive before they released anyone. ISIS couldn’t do that because they man had already been murdered. Now the Jordanians are executing the ISIS prisoners in their custody. This is precisely what they need to do. The Jordanians themselves Muslim… know the only thing fellow Muslim understand and fear is retaliation and standing up to someone.