BNI has experienced 24 DDoS cyber attacks from the Muslim world in just the past week

You probably didn’t notice because BNI is well-equipped to handle this level of cyber attacks. Some of you reported disappearing comments or slow posting of comments and this is the reason why.


In the past few days, BNI has also had up to ten times the usual human traffic that we experience on a normal day due to the shocking Islamic terrorist events in the world.

I greatly appreciate the donations that many of my readers have been kind enough to send me, but it is only a tiny fraction of the visitors I get everyday.  The cost of keeping this site up and running, especially during these attacks, is enormous, and there may come a time soon when it is no longer feasible. Even a tiny donation from enough people would make all the difference. So please consider helping BNI to keep doing what we do best for you.

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