One anti-IslamoNazi cartoon is worth a 1,000 leftist heads exploding

Here’s the cartoon, by Cameron Cardow of the Ottawa Citizen, that USA Today selected as its daily editorial cartoon for February 2nd:

635584061087348668-rgbtoonLeft wing website FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting) is appalled at the “insensitivity” of a USA TODAY cartoon that shows Islam as the modern equivalent of Nazism, threatening a new Holocaust.

(Hardly a stretch when you know the history of the Muslim Grand Mufti al-Husseini’s support for Hitler during WWII, and their shared dedication to the Final Solution)


The cartoon lists entities that have nothing in common with each other aside from their connection to Islam–political movements like Hezbollah and Hamas, who have been the targets of far more violence than they are responsible for.


According the FAIR, In case you missed the point, the cartoon puts one of the holiest phrases in Islam–”Allah Akbar,” or “God is greater”–in the mouth of a Nazi skeleton.

One would hope USA Today would decline to make such a smear its daily editorial cartoon. (I dunno, works for me!)