Rumors were flying that King Abdullah of Jordan would pilot some bombing strikes against ISIS


Jordanian government spokesman Muhammad al-Momani denied reports that the King personally participated in bombing raids against ISIS, in a statement issued Thursday. But he certainly could have and may still do it. He is more than qualified.

Daily Caller (h/t Liz) It was reported that Jordan’s King Abdullah ibn al-Hussein, Jordan’s King Abdullah, a former general and special forces commander, who has trained as a pilot, may fly a bomber himself on Thursday in the country’s retaliation against the ISIS.

King Abdullah
King Abdullah

Several Arabic-language newspapers reported late Wednesday that the monarch would personally participate in bombing raids on the terrorist group, citing his vow Tuesday to “strike them in their strongholds.”

The king was in Washington when news broke Tuesday of pilot Muadh al-Kasasbeh’s demise at the hands of ISIS extremists. Meeting with the House Armed Services Committee shortly before leaving for Amman, he reportedly quoted the Clint Eastwood’s film “Unforgiven” and said that Jordan would pursue the jihadis until it ran “out of fuel and bullets.”

Rep. Duncan Hunter, a Marine vet, who was in the meeting, told Fox News that given the ruler’s immediate and vehement reaction, “King Abdullah is not Barack Obama.”


A terse initial statement from the Jordanian Air Force on Thursday said that planes had returned from a retaliatory mission, and that they passed over Kasasbeh’s hometown of Karak, presumably in a gesture of condolence, before landing in Amman. The deceased pilot’s father, Safi al-Kasasbeh, reported a phone call from the king, saying that the planes attacked Raqqa, ISIS’ de facto capital in Syria, though the military has not confirmed the attack’s target.

UPDATE: Jordan bombing kills Islamic State commander and 55 ISIS savage!


BizPac Review (h/t Mike F) Jordan is making good on its threat of revenge for the burning alive of a Jordanian pilot by the Islamic State.  The Jordanian Air Force killed 55 ISIS fighters, including a top-level Islamic State leader known as the “Prince of Nineveh” in air strikes carried out Wednesday, according to Iraqi media.

A Jordanian government spokesman told Reuters that the Middle Eastern kingdom will increase its role in the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS and that they are leaving all options on the table. 

Abdullah is setting an example on fighting ISIS that other leaders should follow. Particularly the one who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.