TEXAS State Rep. Molly White doubles down on criticism of Islam; refuses to apologize as CAIR has demanded

In response to her critics, Rep. Molly White says: “Last week during Texas Muslim Capitol Day, I posted a statement on my Facebook page to bring attention to a serious problem facing Texas and the USA.”


Texans for Molly (h/t Amil I) Instead of understanding the comment, the political correctness that dominates our public dialog sought to construe the statement into something intolerant, bigoted and anti-American. This politically correct syndrome aims to inflict social discipline and tolerance reminders on the perpetrators of candid statements with the intention to silence comments on important issues that face our society. When we remain silent, we lose the opportunity to shed light on issues important to our freedom.

The genesis of my statement occurred when the organization CAIR was brought to my attention. CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations, started Muslim Day at the Texas Capitol in 2003. In response to my post, the media outlets quoted one of CAIR’s Texas leaders, Mustafa Carroll.


A statement such as this raises the question of whether or not Muslims agree that they are above the legislation of this state and nation. We are challenged by an inability to have civil discourse regarding public policy if leaders state that certain ethnic or religious groups are above the law.


Texas Lawmaker: Muslims Should Pledge Allegiance Or Get Out Of My Office

You can send your support to Molly here: molly.white@house.state.tx.us