Young Dutch gay man brutally beaten up and robbed by Muslim cab driver and fellow Muslim savages

imagesNETHERLANDS: What appeared to be a gang of North African black Muslims in Amsterdam called  the man a “dirty fucking fag” as they savagely assaulted him and forced him to withdraw money from his bank’s ATM machine.

This is what happened: After leaving a Gay club, the man hailed a cab to go home. He noticed the driver was driving in circles, and kept looking in his rear view mirror at another car that was following them. Feeling uncomfortable, the man opened the door at a stoplight, threw 20 euros (for a 10 euro fare) at the driver and ran out of the cab, only to be chased down by several Muslims who apparently were following in other cars. They grabbed him, and threw him back in one car, forcing him to withdraw money from his bank and give it to them. Then they sped away. The man suffered a severe concussion and multiple bruises on his torso.

h/t Roni Stoker

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