THOUSANDS of hostile Muslim wankers come out to protest against freedom of speech in London


Thousands of foaming-at-the-mouth Muslims squatting in Britain gathered outside the gates of Downing Street today to demand respect from non-Muslims for their paedophile prophet Mohammed, and protest against Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoons.

UK Muslims lifting their asses to Allah in the middle of the street
UK Muslims lifting their asses to Allah in the middle of the street. Disgusting.

UK Daily Mail (h/t Terry D)  The crowd took to Whitehall to voice their anger at the ‘insulting’ pictures, where they were met by a counter-demonstration by Britain First patriotic anti-Islam activists.


The protesters marched through central London, stopping for communal prayers before handing a petition signed by more than 100,000 British Muslims to No 10.

A leaflet issued by the Muslim Action Forum (MAF), which organised the rally, said the republishing of cartoons of Mohammed by satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was a ‘stark reminder’ that freedom of speech is ‘regularly utilised to insult personalities that others consider sacred’. 


The group also expressed ‘deep regret’ at the Paris terror attacks, including the massacre at Charlie Hebdo which left 12 people dead, saying they were a ‘violation of Islamic law’.

The crowd of protesters shouted slogans and waved placards with the words ‘Charlie and the abuse factory’ and ‘learn some manners’.


A number of speakers addressed the throngs of Muslims, with organisers saying the cartoons are ‘an affront to the norms of civilised society’.

MAF organiser Syed Mohammad Zafar Ullah Saah told MailOnline: ‘We believe in freedom of speech but insulting people is a separate thing entirely.


‘We condemn the attacks in Paris and what happened in France. We are not the same people as ISIS and we obey the law.

‘Today is about handing our petition to Downing Street and telling the world there is a difference between freedom of speech and insulting religion.’ He added that protesters were separated by gender during the protest ‘out of respect for the women’.

The sign at the top falsely says Moses and Jesus were prophets of Islam
The sign at the top falsely says Moses and Jesus were prophets of Islam

Shaykh Noor Siddiqi, another MAF official, said: ‘The actions of the Islamofascist appeasers in the UK media in not publishing the cartoons is highly appreciated by British Muslims and we hope that this kind of self-restraint and mutual respect will ultimately lead to a harmonious society.’

Across the street on Whitehall a handful of counter demonstrators holding a Britain First banner gathered.

 True to form, the UK dhimmi Muslim appeasers affirm ban on pro-Israel activists