Well, of course, the UK wants to recruit MORE Muslims into the military…

Because when your soldiers are under constant threat of being beheaded by Muslims, to the point that they are advised not to wear their uniforms in public, getting more Muslims into the Army is the first thing any country with a suicidal death wish would do.


UK Daily Mail  (h/t Huck Folder) Defence chiefs are trying to recruit more Muslims into the army after the rise of Islamic State and massacre in Paris, it has been revealed. Troops have posted pamphlets on British military values through the doors of Islamic religious schools and have been instructed to take part in integration projects in a bid to boost numbers.

The drive comes after it emerged there are ONLY 480 Muslims serving in the British army – 0.5 per cent of the 88,500 overall troops. (480 too many) By contrast, more than twice as many British Muslims were believed to have travelled to Syria to fight for extremists including the Islamic State. (How about recruiting them to go to Syria with no possibility of return?)


Blood on his hands


And the percentage of Muslims in the UK population overall is much higher at five per cent. (Give them all one-way tickets out)

Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Nicholas Carter, said: ‘My highest priority is ensuring we continue to have the best possible talent throughout our Army. (Then why would you want Muslims?) ‘This requires us to draw talent from all of the society we represent.’




He said the army’s recruitment from the UK’s black, Muslim and ethnic minority populations was ‘nowhere near where it needs to be’. He added: ‘We have to do more. The Army has always played an important role in making the connection to all elements of society and there are plenty of examples of initiatives that have built enduring relationships with minority communities.’

He said there was ‘common ground’ between the values of the army and those in minority communities and the military could build on that ground to broaden their recruitment base. (Excluding the Muslim community)


As well as young Muslims, the British army is also trying to recruit people from all ethnic minorities. But the UK’s ethnic population is growing and is expected to reach 30 per cent of the total in the coming decades.

One initiative to recruit more Muslims included a warrant officer and recruiter in the North West who had been trying hard to recruit in Asian and Muslim communities – but without great success.


The Army has also launched the Armed Forces Muslim Forum, designed to bring the civil and military Muslim communities together. Another initiative includes the army working in partnership with the Shah Jehan Mosque and the people of Woking to create a Muslim Peace Garden that commemorates Muslims serving in the Armed Forces.

Next week British soldiers of different faiths, including British Muslim soldiers, will plant trees as part of the project. (Oh, that’ll get ’em)


Muslims in the UK armed forces are able to pray five times a day and fast, as long as there is not an overwhelming operational requirement against either.

They are provided with halal rations, can seek support from Muslim chaplains, and use prayer rooms on base – one of which was recently made available on a naval warship.