ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) mutilates 15 women with acid for refusing to wear full-face Islamic headbag (niqab)


Al-Khansa, the all-female Islamic State (ISIS) brigade, have arrested and punished 15 women in Mosul. Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) official from Mosul Saed Mamuzini told BasNews that al-Khansa arrested the 15 women for failing to wear the niqab.

BAS News via TROP  They were arrested on Sunday in the Salamiya neighborhood of Mosul. Mamuzini said al-Khansa militants disfigured the women by pouring acid on their faces.

“They have implemented this punishment so that other women in the city will never consider removing or not wearing the niqab,” he said. Last month members of ISIS executed a number of women by stoning. They were accused of adultery.


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  1. If I were Muslim or born into such a home, I do not need anyone to convince me to quit. Why on earth do we still have Muslims? If you are still a muslin that means you approve of all Mohammad did in his lifetime. Do you really?

  2. Bonni – this is the work of the great Ian Mc Fadyen. I have already spoken to him about it.
    This is his genius from 1988 – 1991. The Comedy Company” character David Rabbitborough.
    Australian artists receive an absolute pittance for their efforts. Things have improved dramatically. When Jack Thompson did Sunday too Far Away his income was a mere $20 000 for the entire year.
    This site has had nearly 74 50000 views & receives many many views each day.
    Ian receives next to nothing.
    If somebody does this in science its far from ok.

  3. A picture of exactly what the Islamic Supremacists want to do to the West–turn it into destruction: destruction of beauty, hope, fairness, freedom… ALL destroyed at the hands of the Mohammedan monsters, masters of sadism. They have not changed in centuries. Eternal vigilance teaches again. Everywhere these people go, it’s as an infestation of plague. Thomas Jefferson said NO to them. So can Americans. Get the word out and stand fast.

  4. On my way to my Doctor’s Appointment today I see a car cut in a lane behind me and Looked more than once in my review mirror and I could see a bearded man and he was talking to a Trash Baghead in the other seat and I could NOT even see her eyes!! Oh, I live and own a house on Northern Oregon!!

    It seems the muslim brotherhood TERRORISTS / FASCISTS / NAZIS are everywhere, or I notice them more often now!!

    It’s a good thing they did NOT see me wearing my Star of David around my neck!!

    The muslim oppression of women is evil / satanic / demonic!!

    All muslims are going to HELL if they do NOT accept Yeshua-Jesus Christ and the one TRUE GOD that Christians and Jews Share!!

    WAKE-UP USA / EUROPE / UK / CANADA NOW; Because of Judaism we have Christianity!!

    Thus: only Judaism and Christianity is RIGHT!!

    Love and Shalom Everyone, YSIC \o/


    • sell your house and move to MT we can use your help as a incentive your chance of seeing a live muslim is low to none … Think about it together we are twice as strong … bring your guns

      • Thanks Jac.. its appears half the news these days are about these MUSLIM filth! What gets me, BNI finds stories on Australia that we don’t get. Censorship gone mad! Thank god the footy is starting soon, otherwise I’d go mad. (AFL).

  5. This would make a very effective bus ad, if Pamela Geller could possibly swing it. All these acid burned faces, with some nice caption below them that neatly summed up the horror and misogyny of islam.

  6. Texas is on the verge of allowing Sharia Law to be used by Texas courts . George Strait sang the hit song, ”All my exes come from Texas”. Now the new Texas country hit song will be, ”All my exes were mutilated and stoned in Texas”.

  7. What an inhuman act, they claim as a religion of peace and giving a high respect to woman, but we can see that all statement are false, a claim that came out from demon

    • This message is for everyone : Turning the other cheek …. relates to problems …. where cheek turning …. for another slap …. is the remedy …. family matters …. friends and lovers …. etc. …. it doesn’t limit your right to defend yourself, your family and anyone in immediate danger …. from death or bodily harm …. we must never turn the other cheek …. nor turn away from evil !

  8. Not sure if you heard yet Bonni. But the us has confirmed the hostage was in fact killed by [is] not Jordanian royal airforce. wonder if B.H.O will go after them now. I keep reading he is supposedly preparing to use ” military force” not sure if 1900 more airstrikes or maybe B.O.T.G

      • that’s what I was thinking. don’t go into countries were you aren’t welcome. humanitarian aid my ass we

      • Don”t those bleeding hearts even THINK that perhaps other people may be tortured/killed because of them, by trying to save their sorry asses? HOW many other people do they want to take down with them, because they have an itch to go into the fray?

    • Sadly these so called religious people are for all intense and purpose no longer people. They have become sub human , possible not really human anymore. And gays and lesbians as well as many jews still support islam. To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle, Orwell wrote. These people are I believe Blind with hate that they cannot see. feminists have said little if anything in the Uk about the child rapes. In fact where are the street protests against the police and social workers?????? I sometimes wonder if the west has fallen into a deep sleep only to be woken when its too late.
      Always the muslims and yet white people are blamed for islams cruelty. Islamaphobia hurts them but killing your own children and others is fine. cameron, Blair, Odumbo all agree. When will people get pissed off??? Know sweden has opened a consulate or embassy for Pali’s with a blond women I saw in the photo op., grinning with joy!!!! I am speechless!
      I pray Pediga grows or we are all fcked-at least in the UK. The british I’ve spoken too just dont give a damn. Is it the stuff they put in their water????

      • Hktony- I can’t remember the exact wording but Islam instructs mozlems to make kaffirs sleep. It is genuine black magic, but we refuse to know about it because we equate knowing about it to believing such things.
        We don’t have to believe (its actually better that you don’t). Knowledge is the best defence & calling them on it. By making fun of their black magic practices, we will make then lose confidence, which will disable their abilities, just as the atheists do.
        The people are asleep not just because of liberalism or not wanting to know, they are literally asleep.

        • Hi it’s me! You know xenobiotics arose by accident through the previous mass production of plastic.s. We thought we were merrily using what we thought were two antioxidants then discovered too late that they were synthetic oestrogen’s. they were already lodged in every human being on the planet. So its not just BPAs & drinking or eating from plastic. It’s all through every living thing on the planet, the same a PCBs from the Nth Pole to the Sth Pole. The crap is everywhere & everything ends up in the ocean, soil, & air.

  9. It’s not just ISIS the death slime oozing from from the Middle East toilet bowls. This is going on anywhere you have Muslims from the UK to the USA.

  10. Is there nothing these bastards wouldn’t do to a human being? God have mercy on their souls…(the women, I mean)…. God will punish these illiterate human beings…. the ones with the mark of beast on them….islam puke faces…satanist…

  11. I’ve resisted the feelings that ISIS should just be nuked. Honestly, after hearing the UN report about burying children alive, and using them as sex toys/selling them as sex slaves, ordering mass FGM, and now this…hell with it.

    Bombs …away

    • I felt the same way for a very long time, but I’ve changed. I would still vote for neutron bombs first. It won’t happen in this administration, however.

  12. When these savage regimes are finally destroyed there must be many executions of perpetrators. These must be carried out extra-judicially if it proves, as I suspect it will, that ‘human rights’ considerations get in the way.

    I am always reminded of the true story of the Jewish soldier in the British Army in WW2 who, on entering a Nazi extermination camp with his platoon, became so enraged that he took his Thompson SMG and summarily executed the dozen remaining camp guards who had been taken prisoner.

    Neither his CO nor his colleagues (non-Jewish) made any attempt to stop him, nor did the incident come to light until decades later when no action could be taken.

    Justice often needs to be served by men and not by governments.

  13. The science of evolution uses a hierarchy which illustrates incremental changes from Hominid apes through to modern intelligent Homosapien humans. Skeletal remains and ancient tools show our palaeontologists,archeologists and anthropologists the differences in learning and behaviour along the way, including Homoerectus and Neanderthal groups. These pre-humans began to utter early language patterns. Recently and quite disturbingly, a once extinct prehistoric species has re-emerged. Known as Homoislamicus, the species has now infiltrated multiple continents.
    The bearded males roam in violent blood-thirsty packs. The females tend to be very subdued seeking refuge from their dominant counterparts. Males have been known to use primitive tools such as rocks to exterminate females within their own pack. Mysteriously many of the females are mutilated around the genitalia. Males also use crude knives and fire in ritualistic killings. While physically similar to Neanderthal man, the cranial capacity of the homoislamicus is quite reduced with language among marauding males limited to two repetitive utterances …. “allahu akbar”. More akin to the Hominids, their thoughts and actions are pre-determined by an ancestral alpha male. Traces of DNA from this polygamist individual have been found in the brain cells of the contemporary species. Devoid of conscience, compassion or other higher order thinking, homoislamicus is unlikely to evolve beyond the hybrid form. Recent attempts have been made to cull extremist alpha males, with some success in the Eurasia region. Anyone who suspects a member of homoislamicus has camouflaged himself as a democratic citizen should contact anti-terrorist authorities immediately on 1800charliehebdo.

      • Bonnie – ok madam, I did the correct thing here & you did not spot it. My reply to you was delayed as I did not receive your emails until I replied so I did not know about your Why? comment. I understand your anger when you commented “Stop posting crap!”
        Well my dear what you don’t know, nor does Sir Ian Mc Fayden (as he would never believe me, so I didn’t tell him) but I will tell you is – I have just saved his life.
        I realized w/in seconds this was from a book as you can see it is written straight off the page in its format.
        You are a wonderful editor, & everybody has a slip now & then.
        It took me awhile as you know the mozlems & satanists hit me w/ a giant demon & made me come down w/ menangitis. I saw this as I was out of body at the time, but it seems even the cat is better at seeing than any of us, as the cat knew about the demon coming long before I realized as my pet was trying to franticly awaken me for a long time before the demon arrived. I was lucky I was out of body or this would have met instant death. I was jumping in & out of body, I refused the cats request to wake up as I was having too much fun, pulling people in & introducing them to each other. I jumped out & was down stairs about to play again. I went to turn the light on, suddenly the light switch wouldn’t work. I looked upstairs to where my room is & saw the most gigantic black mass that had absorbed, the entire bedroom & the entire rear of my house. I was aghast. Straight after that I came down w/ menangitis. I didn’t realize at first that I had it. I suffered massively. I didn’t go to the doctor, as by the time I realized that I was that ill, it was too late for me to get to the doctor. I barely pulled through. I had a little garlic & lemon juice, which is one of the most powerful of medicines around, but I should’ve been in hospital.

        Australian artists are treated better in the UK, we are paid well, respected & do not have to suffer the (I don’t know if its the same now) 66% tax plus 5 to 20% agent fee, plus costs. We have no set up as Hollywood actors do. And you will see our greatest artists broke & living in the gutter at the end of their working careers. Australia has what is called ‘tall poppy syndrome’ but things have improved there & I been out of action for awhile due to meeting the devil allah & being used as a snuff porn movie.

        Ian has been a very prolific artist. The book this piece was from, would be sitting on the shelves of many people in the UK. If a mozlem convert in the UK, recognised this on this site, they would be able to make a name for themselves in Islam, by murdering this great man, & or his loved ones. He & his family have a higher profile but not so high as to make him inaccessible. He & his loved ones are a soft target for the terrorism & pure evil that is islam, & its demonically possessed followers.

        Nearly all mozlems go to hell as they have walked around in life not giving a shit about all those children, women, men & creatures that have been made blood sacrifices to the devil allah. When enough blood sacrifices have been made, that is the time that the antichrist will arrive in this reality & there will be a giant actual apocalypse. You & everybody on this site is already as good as dead. When Christ took me to heaven, he told me of this. Everybody on the planet is going to be killed. There is no way to save yourselves as there will be no air. Doomsday prepped are wasting their time. They are also dooming themselves by only caring about themselves.

        I was told that I will be saved as one of the new occupants to start the new world. I refused, & said I’m sorry I cannot do that. I have to stay to keep everybody around me calm when the apocalypse hits. The children will be very frightened & they should be held, kissed & cuddled when this occurs.

        Jesus Christ just smiled. He then wrapped me in his arms, (he is only half human & at least 9 feet tall), held me tightly to his body, & threw us both in the river of life that runs though heaven. Near the gates it is just a pool, it has dolphins in it, but up by the throne of heaven it is wide & rushing water. The King of Heaven Christ, then did the most odd tumbling, spinning motion, whilst holding me tightly against His body.
        Make no mistake, my dear Christ was EXACTLY whom he said He was. This has little to do w/ religion. It is for all those that are good.

        I digress. I wrote to all the people that were made fools of by Linda Ashton & put a stop to it immediately. For the sake of her narcissism Linda had blatantly identified this fine precious man by just changing the wording to Islamic. So I outed her to the max. If I was being inordinately abusive to her she would have written a very sophisticated angry letter back to me. That should have tipped you off. Also a person of that capacity would have written other comments just like it, on other posts by BNI. This was tipping you off also. You should have at least questioned her about her integrity.
        I had to do it for all to convince the convert terrorist to Islam that it was not Ian.

        Ian loved my ‘crap’ commentary, I felt honoured by his gratitude. So in a way I guess I should be thanking you. He was however shocked by this site.

        Now if Ian wishes to make his position on Islam known, whatever that is, he should be allowed to make it anon as everybody else here is able. He would not use a highly recognisable published piece of his work that millions of people in the UK (& australians) have sitting on their bookshelves. His profile is too high. We had a big talk about Islam. He is asleep & is going to take a while to wake up. When I get well enough I will visit him & awaken him, but until such time leave him out of this.

        Thankyou for your time.

          • Did you just say preventing the murder of the great artist that wrote that highly recognizable piece is a waste of time.
            That’s it Bonnie you are stuck.

          • To tell you the truth, I am having a hard time understanding what you wrote and have no way of verifying it. As you said, she has not posted anything since, so your ranting, no doubt, wasn’t even seen by her, whomever she is. Let it go.

          • I’ll make it simple for you.
            Linda Ashton posted a piece of work by a very famous man.
            He did not write the piece as a commentary of Islam.
            He can be murdered by a terrorist convert who grew up in the UK & has read it growing up. He will know who it is by. If I spotted it immediately so can a terrorist as you are always mentioning how terrorist peruse this site.
            He is in the UK & is a soft target for moz to attack. If you cannot see this then you are dumber than a block of wood.

            You get many things wrong on this site such as the environment, the scientists have told you all what is happening but you are so out of touch that you won’t listen to reason.
            Abortion has been practiced for the entire history of humanity – the French company that invented RU486 was blown away when they found the aboriginals had been using it in the form of a berry for 40,000 years.
            It has been scientifically proven that the degenerate y is designed to self destruct, you see this everyday formalised by Islam.
            Feminism is essential to the survival of humanity because it has been shown through somebody like the World Bank giving out micro loans.
            They gave micro loans to the poor in many nations in the world and in every single country 98% of the men spent the money on themselves & gave a couple of bucks to their families, and did not repay the loan, 2% did repay & help their families.
            In 98% of cases the women took the loan & made businesses, fed & educated their children, often giving their whole village an economy. 2% did not repay the loans, but not because they spent it on themselves, but because of some failure, they were regranted loans.
            The whole world will recover if all fiscal control is removed from men. Our men are better because they have been brought up in a society that has feminism.
            Stop writing such comments as good when you see the bloated corpse of a refugee who has died a horrible death. Such conduct on your part is evil, & you lose many people that would otherwise support you in this war against Islam.

            Now don’t write anymore of your crap, I have unsubscribed. You have lost my support. I sent you a vid of my dead mother who was murdered by Islam. I wish I clicked the record button when I opened up the door which the vid of my dead mother is vid, & was gobsmacked as I was met w/ a scene the same as in the movie poltergeist. I immediately demolished everything that was running riot in the room & it worked.
            You know nothing about life or death – on my second death I refused to get back in my body. I wasn’t getting back in that thing for anybody. You are not your body, you own you body. I was horrified that my family were all carrying on thinking the corpse was me. I was forced to come back as I still have work to do.


          • JAC, you’re right. I meant to say all the scientists who aren’t being paid off by leftist governments and the UN to push the Man-made Global Warming crap as a way to impose carbon taxes on all first world countries.

          • Bonnie I know you are more intelligent than that. You are also part Native American , they know all about it, and nuclear war long before we discovered anything. The Aust Aboriginals do too. Any people’s that are still living close to the earth are aware. I noticed the change in about 1984, the first time I broke my back. I went back to the land to rehabilitate. I noticed a big change going on w/ the light as I cannot w/stand Australia’s long rays. I need to be in the highlands of Scotland. When scientists first brought up global warming I thought that was it. But thanks to the great work of a very humble scientist over the course of 30yr study discovered the phenomenon of Global Dimming. Thats what I had noticed. We are not seeing the full effects of the change due to the thick blanket of pollution in the atmosphere. we have to remove it because we are suffocating. the percentage of oxygen was I cant remember but it was never alot. Oxygen has decreased dramatically. When we clean up the air we are going to receive the full brunt of the rads. The ocean is massively dying off, the 2nd lungs of the earth the Amazon is already self igniting. The frauds you spake of, well Scientific American refuse to publish them, as around 98%(?) of legitimate scientists agree. The intensity of Hurricane Katrina, human induced. Eyjafjallajokul, human induced. It’s on baby. You’re doing more important work on getting rid of Islam & I will forever respect you for that.
            You’ll catch up. This is not your area of focus. We can still stop much. There’s always hope. I never fully buy doomsday stuff.
            Over & out. X

          • I never said I am part Native American. And I didn’t say there wasn’t any Global Warming (in fact, the last 10 year weather charts show a cooling trend), I am just saying it is not man-made, but rather Sun influenced.

            Answer me this: Why has Mars been shown to have experienced a warming trend? Did those “Martians” cause it?

          • Bon – I read in one of your replies you said you were Jewish. I thought oh that’s brave as you know the horrific treatment of jews first hand. Then in another reply to somebody you said you were part Native American & I thought Jewish & part Native American never thought of that combo before. Then I read in another reply by you where you stated you were not Jewish. Now you are stating that you are not part Native American. This doesn’t mean I think you are a liar. I understand perfectly well why you’d need to play a double hand, first & foremost you must protect yourself.
            You are right about all the crazy political by the left to manipulate the powers that be. But politics is a mad game – tell me about it my uncle was a great senator from the late 1920’s until the 70’s. he was known as ‘the peacemaker’ & both labour & liberal loved him. He was of course from Churchill & Menzies era & was associated w/ the manhattan project. They sure don’t make ’em like they used to. That era I’m afraid is well & truly over.
            You are right about the sun, I’ve been on to that for many decades. Did you know that the human body responds to the activity of the sun before its effect are felt on earth? This is in orthodox science so you should be able to find that info, & Aust science programmes have brought that up. It’s all linked, intertwined.
            I have been shown & scientists know that human impact is causing the earth problems. I question everything over & over, but have been corrected repeatedly that it is us. The confusion arises from the earth uses the methods it has always utilized. But this time it is man.
            But don’t take my word for it. I always want people to learn for themselves, rather than just believe me.
            The quickest way you can find this out is to make a visit to my ‘gal pal’ Katla in Iceland. The chopper pilots, locals, & most scientists are acutely aware that volcanos are more than just organic machines. They are as creatures or animals, or great beings. These days it doesn’t surprise me at all that the ancient people’s used to regard them as Gods & try to placate them by ‘chucking’ virgins at then. There is another dimension to them that those living close by are well aware of.
            As I’ve stated before Eyjafjallajokul grabbed me & I found myself in Iceland watching the eruption. This was in real time, as the eruption started 6 weeks before it was reported on the news. I was there right at the very start and witness it crack its ice cap. When the happened a dirty river of sludge poured past my feet. In that sludge was tonnes of washing machines, & refrigerators. At first this confused me. But I’ve been through this so many times I’ve become used to the ‘language of everything’. Probably though having been dead for an extraordinary amount of time, the resultant brain damage has thrown me deeper into the reptilian brain & lim if systems so I am experiencing the way everything communicates. I had a near identical memory also, I expect that was caused by brain damage too. The chimpanzee has an identic memory, I used to love saying I had the memory of a chimp. Flinders looked into my brain in my mid teens & said I had genius. I doubt I’d get a very good score on an IQ test, but there is much more to intelligence than we have discovered as yet. I don’t want to do one because if you set a number to your brain it obeys. But if you remain free then just anything you can imagine is possible. The brain can be regrown. it has great plasticity.
            There is another aspect to the intelligence of the earth. The volcanos are actually enraged. They can kill anybody that disrespects them in an instant. I keep a safe distance from Katla, she is in a very very bad mood.
            Eyjafjallajokul showing me the human products turned out to be the most succinct description. I could never have thought of that – so simple. Washing machines & refrigerators pretty much represent all the human activity that is distressing the earth & its creatures. Everything from oil, transport, the pollution by man of all the worlds waters & the fact that more & more of humanity is acquiring these items. The actions taken to fill them, use them, covers everything we are doing wrong to the earth. Refrigeration in the 1920’s really got the ball rolling for our down fall. CFCs were the first problem that took scientists down the path of noticing human interference.
            W/ Hurricane Katrina, I had been switched off to all TV or media for a few weeks. I knew that it was the season for hurricane alley, but I had no idea that Katrina was on its way.
            I woke up out of body as I was turning to start landing in New Orleans. Russian scientists know about this kind of travel & say we use the noosphere(phonetic spelling) to get around the earth. Their science has been slowly trickling to the west every since Russia opened up to us in the eighties. When these events happen to me its as if I’m picked up & sent via a giant slingshot. NASA last used these physics to slingshot Cassini further into space. So we do have some knowledge of this, just limited applications at this time.
            I didn’t meet Katrina herself but arrived to run through the dull area of New Orleans (there was scant tree life, it was all ugly concrete & bitumen streets. But it was a real thrill seeing the Mississippi for the first time from the air.) I then ran to the big convention centre area. My gig was to put in place safe areas. The building was clean, well kept, & empty. The streets around it were deserted. I went into the convention centre & just made safe the floor & about 2/3s of the seating. I didnt get to do the corridors or toilets. I always work alone, but sure could’ve used some assistance, the centre was far too big. I was devastated when I found out what went on in the corridors & toilets. Evil energy had the upper hand in those areas.
            I ran out of time as this was in real time as Eyjafjallajokul was. (I told people about the volcano being set off by human heating the planet, before it was on the news. I also went to the ice cores. The scientists were all heartbroken. The ice melting meant we are losing the history of the world, never to be known. And that the situation we are in is now hopeless. We are way over the tipping point. They were witnessing the end of humanity first.

            Ive frequently seen other light workers oft when I’m out & about, its very simple the way we work. They all wear the same simple sheer white pinned at the neck sheet. Christ wears exactly the same as all the residents of heaven do. The light workers that I’ve witnessed are all living. I thought I’d mention this part to you as nobody wears the headbag or idiot mozlem garb. The only time you do see the girl is when its a historical figure. I’ve had what must be mozlem djinn rocking up on me ever since I had the Turk moz enter my life. I had no idea who or what the were. I was so neutrally minded that I always thought of their dress as just archaic. They wear the identical clothing to mozlems. I never tried to communicate w/ them. They are ugly non human malevolent entities.
            I realize now after learning about Islam (thanks again there my love) that they were presenting to me, to double cross the moz & satanic fools using them. On rare occasion they wear a suit. They are 6 ft tall, skinny & grey to black. You also get non moz types that are white & look like nostferatau(?).
            When I met the beast it has a dweeby type body just as I’ve seen on Turks that are products of incestous lineages. (Christ is half human half what we call God, the anti christ is half human half beast. Coincidence?) It had w/ it a big heavy set woman wearing the thing the women, wear in Iran only it was grey ugly corse fabric. She was constantly spinning in the corner like a dervish. Yet again I only saw her as another archaic dressed person. Before I had the Turks come into my life a creature similar to the hat man & men in black was turning up on me all the time from my childhood. These days I can see that something very dark has been trying to ‘knock me off’ from the time my mother was kicked in the stomach by my father, when she told him she was pregnant w/ me. My mother saw me as responsible for destroying her marriage & resented me from that point on. They were very good parents, all the same. But I had to be w/ my grandparents, it was the only life I had, but was still in custody of my parents. My father killed me first, my brothers had something come over them before school one morning. The decided to murder me & snapped my neck. It only dislocated. I had many many near misses. Everytime I sense the spirit of murder as I did w/ Ian recently here I go right off. I work on homicide cases, paedophillia, terrorism, organised crime, & the planet. I receive no pay.

            Meeting the beast was in 1991. I had a great Edwardian 3 story mansion my formal lounge was the size of a two bedroom house. The floor was spinning in two rings opposite directions to each other. Our home was haunted so I put it down to maybe somebody did something in the past, it has one ‘hell’ of a history. Well Ted Shoebat (thanks Ted) posted the rituals undertaken by moz in Turk shamanism, doing the two directional ring thing wearing the same cloth. You also posted Turk moz doing the sufis(?) & I felt really sick when you posted those bastards commandeering the airport in Birmingham. (Thanks again Bonni) How do I explain this mad primitive crap to people. And how dare they bring this evil into our modern world.
            they can live what looks in the light of day clean decent lives, but really they are bringing this evil into our countries. It’s bad enough that they bring it into their own countries, infecting the entire planet w/ it. I’d gotten to the stage before I even looked at BNI or the net, that whenever I saw mozlems I saw evil. I thought they innocently were dressed the same as these evil creatures that kept turning up, in my dreaming by accident. God knows what is happening to our countries by letting these mozlems in. Things are bad enough by ordinary evil & satanists, (whose practices are identical to that of mozlems)
            The Christians say that there are weather demons & I don’t know either way if there was this dimension to Katrina. Did the mozlems add to the impact of the fury of Katrina? I don’t know. But I’ve learned to stay more neutral in my judgements. The earth is a being & is enraged over our behaviour, as well. For all I know all three are correct.
            String theory had a crisis a few yrs back when scientists discovered they had 5 theories on how it works. String nearly fell into disrepute & was nearly dumped, as a valid theory. But they found that it was ok to have 5 theories. This was a first for science. We will probably not understand the true nature of reality or how the planet ‘thinks’ until we have artificial intelligence. AI will be copied from nature as most of our inventions & medicines are now. We will have that when we crack String & Membrane theory in the next 100 yrs.
            When we remove the dirt blocking the sun the climate change will be massively sped up. The predictions of scientists about what was happening to the planet were initially skewed because they didn’t know about global dimming & its effects. The recent cold snap in America was mainly caused by the ash put out by volcanos trying to cool the planet. If we keep heating the planet they will go off & will cause the planet to completely freeze over w/in six mths. They have done this before, but this time they are enraged w/ humanity. That’s a first, unless the stuff in the Bible & other religious doctrines is true. It may not just be dogma. There is a great deal we can learn about what is occurring on earth from the other planets like your mention of Mars. Jupiter too has had a storm/hurricane (the eye, astronomers study) for about 800 yrs, it is a category 1000. This can happen on earth. There is talk of causing a greenhouse effect on Mars by going & polluting the hell out of it, then sending down plant life to generate oxygen. The % of oxygen has halved & was only ever about 28 or 38%. humans will not be able to breathe when we hit 7% & babies will die soon after being born. I can’t remember the exact figures I’ve given here, but its ‘in the ball park.’ I’ve often made observations that have had scientific friend say bullshit. But then not long after what I’ve said comes true. My boyfriend was a doctor/filmmaker & used to be stunned. He’d say to me how! How can you be doing this! I’m the double degree dr. The answer is as Einstein said ‘logic must always bow to observation.’ Probably intuition plays a role too. Women have an intuition centre in their brain much larger than men.
            We have to keep NASA & other space agencies running as the survival of humanity is probably going to be dependent on this sooner or later as earth is finite.
            Don’t pay too much attention what crazy evil you see going on in politics. The matter is completely out of their hands. But they do present a very real danger to the people of earth. The scientists have stated & I realized before they said so, that earth matters should be completely taken out of govt hands. We need to get our best scientists & form a committee of law. Whether right or left is in power, they have to obey what these groups of scientists tell them to implement. Regardless of how it impacts the economy. We now have no choice & must act quickly. This is a maximum emergency of the highest rank now.
            Thanks a billion for the great very important work you are doing to knock islam on its head. I admire & respect you, but I don’t envy you. Its one of the toughest gigs in town. I wouldn’t want it, at over a couple of billion (counting all the other supporters) a massive task. Ill stick to my jobs. How wicked & self indulgent these people are. We do not have time for this.
            This is the last long post you’ll have to endure. I’ve seen enough & can no longer stomach it.
            Good luck & God bless you all.

      • Jac, I support you and respect you as a fellow Aussie. I will miss your insight on BNI. You have had a very harrowing time, and for that I am sorry. I am sorry you have seen things in your time that nobody should see. I wished I could take away that memory of your Mothers death. No wonder you are hell bent on warning others of the evil of Islam. God bless your mother Jac.

        Here is something to remember on your travels. Buddah has said … Quote…
        “Holding onto anger is like swallowing poison yourself, and hoping your enemy dies”.
        Many people hold into anger for many reasons. Most common reason is to protect yourself from being hurt again. Jac, forgiveness is very hard to find, and it’s a very hard thing to give. But, churning it around and around in your head is only hurting you. I hope one day you can rid yourself of your anger and seek some peace. By that I mean, finding love for other victims and yourself.

        Jac, please don’t blame others, especially BNI for not agreeing with your point of view 100% of the time. Remember, education is power.

        Sometimes, agree to disagree. I am not a believer of Global Warming one bit. In fact, I disagree with the bullshit that surrounds it. There is no history or documented stats that can honourably give credit to the claims. Researchers can only go back 70 years.. To find recorded “temps” worldwide. There is no evidence otherwise… Now, this is my opinion. Im still willing to sit in a room with scientists and hear more evidence to convince me otherwise. But my lesson here is carefully respect others point of views, but you do not have to agree with them.

        Anyway, I only bid you peace and hope that you can accept things you can not change, courage to change the things you can & wisdom to know the difference.

        Take care Aussie survivor.

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      I’m eagerly awaiting it, as I’m sure all the posters that you have treated as fools too.
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