Islamic State’s favorite shill & convert to Islam, British hostage John Cantlie, issues his ‘last’ propaganda video


So, does this mean Cantlie’s head is on the chopping block? Nah, he’s too valuable a PR tool for ISIS.

IB Times  Entitled “From Inside Halab”, the ancient name for Aleppo, the footage is the 9th showing Cantlie  online by the Islamist group media arm – the Al-Hayat media centre – since he was kidnapped in 2012. The clip juxtaposes images of destruction to footage of wheat reserves and some of Aleppo’s markets and food parlours in what appear to be a propaganda effort to portray Isis as a functional state, whose ability to function has not been hampered by months of bombings.

Fricken Youtube has taken down video but you can still see it here: LEAKSOURCE

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