73% of Muslims in France consider Islamic sharia law more important than the law of the land

And all around Europe, Muslims are doing everything they can to make sure they will be governed by sharia law, not “man-made” (as Muslims like to call it) law.


Fdesouche (h/t Susan K)  According to the result of a study of the “Social Science Center Berlin,” 70% of Belgian Muslims consider religious rules as more important than the law. “Social Science Center Berlin” surveyed 9,000 Muslims and Christians in six countries of the European Uniojn (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden and Austria). 1,200 people, mostly of Turkish and Moroccan origin, who consider themselves Muslim were asked about our territory.


The survey, published by the “Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies”, supported by the Dutch daily De Morgen revealed that half of Belgian Muslims are considered fundamentalists. In reaching this conclusion, the respondents answered “yes” or “no” to three statements: – Muslims must return to the roots of the faith. – There is only one interpretation of the quran. 


Every Muslim should stick to it. – Religious rules are more important than laws. The panel interviewed in Belgium and shows that the first statement collects 66% “yes”, the second and the third 82.2% 69.6%.More than half of surveyed Muslims (52.5%) answered “yes” to all three claims and are therefore considered “fundamentalists”. Only Austria has more Muslims called “fundamentalists” in terms of proportion (55.2%) than Belgium.