Awwwww…More than 300 MUSLIM invaders likely drowned in the Mediterranean Sea before they could infiltrate Europe

At least 300 MUSLIM illegal aliens on their way to leech off the taxpayers and rape the white girls of Europe are presumed drowned after their overcrowded dinghies sank in the Mediterranean, the latest boat incident on the crossing from Africa to Europe. 



AFP  (h/t Larry A) The victims were among migrants mainly from sub-Saharan Africa who had left the coast of Libya at the weekend in four small boats, the UN refugee agency said. In the last year alone, several thousand people have died trying to cross from north Africa to Europe across the Mediterranean, on what the United Nations has described as the most dangerous route in the world.

Italy intentionally has scaled back rescue missions after its EU partners refused to share running costs of around nine million euros ($10 million) a month. Well over 3,200 people have died in the last year attempting to reach Italy by boat from North Africa. Unfortunately, over 170,000 mainly Muslim parasites from the Middle East and N. Africa were landed in Italy in 2014 after being picked up by the navy, coastguard or merchant ships.