NEW YORK CITY armed Muslim robber shows off ‘Islamic’ chest tattoo during store hold-up

A Muslim robber asked a Jamaica cellphone store worker not to report a holdup, claiming they were both Muslim as he held up his shirt to reveal the word “Islam” tattooed on his chest, police said.


DNA  (h/t Nelson A) According to investigators, the suspect stole nearly $800 from 111 Wireless and More last December and even shook the victim’s hand before leaving during the bizarre incident.

The suspect walked into the store saying that he wanted to pay his phone bill, officials said. But shortly after, he whipped out a small black revolver and said: “No one needs to get hurt. Just give me the money.” The clerk forked over $780, police said, but the man demanded more cash and iPhones, sources said.

When the clerk said the store didn’t have any iPhones, the man said: “We are both Muslim. We are supposed to support each other,” according to sources. “Please don’t call the police and report me, I’m going to come back again,” he allegedly said. The suspect then lifted his shirt showing his chest with the word “Islam” tattooed on it, police said.

The suspect then shook hands with the clerk, sources said. A store manager said Tuesday that the clerk quit shortly after the incident.