QUEBEC: Arrogant Muslim woman not satisfied with the government’s response to her whining

Aisha Forsythe, whose face the CBC agreed to conceal, says she may file a human rights complaint after allegedly being harrassed at a government office for wearing a Muslim ‘hijabag’ on her head. 


CBC (h/t Susan K)  Forsythe said the government told her it has resolved her complaint, but she’s frustrated because the employment ministry is refusing to offer any details about how it plans to address the issue.

When she visited the Emploi-Québec office on St-Jean Boulevard last month to get help looking for work, she alleges a counsellor there instead focused on her hijab.(Who does she think would hire her?)

Forsythe said she was told she had made a choice to “live in a ghetto” and that she would need to go to an “Arab country” to find work.  Forsythe said no one apologized, or explained what, if any, discipline the employee in question might face. (Discipline? The employee got a promotion)

She said she was told her complaint was closed and she would not hear from the ministry again. That’s not good enough for Forsythe. “I just think it was a terrible thing that happened and I can’t imagine it didn’t happen to other people as well, so I would just like to see something change, some way of ensuring it doesn’t continue.”