Well, Well, looks like one of the so-called “innocent” Muslim students who was gunned down had some very pro-Islamic terrorism leanings himself

Have a look at Chapel Hill Muslim shooting victim Deah Barakat’s (below right in photo) anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, pro-terrorist Tweets. In reality, there is no such thing as an “innocent” Muslim.


Got News (h/t Susan K)  One of the Chapel Hill shooting victim’s tweets reveal anti-Semitic, anti-white, anti-Israel, and anti-Zionist views. Deah Barakat tweeted over 8,000 times. Some of them are about sports. Many of them are hateful. Barakat retweeted anti-semitic cartoons all the time.

He retweeted and backed 9-11 conspiracy theories and compared the treatment of the Palestinians to that of Jews during the Holocaust.



Screen-Shot-2015-02-11-at-5.47.33-PM-740x169 Screen-Shot-2015-02-11-at-5.46.20-PM Screen-Shot-2015-02-11-at-5.49.10-PM-740x140 Screen-Shot-2015-02-11-at-6.12.59-PM-740x353

Many of Barakat’s tweets are obsessed with Islam or the Koran.

  Others are obsessed with Zionism and Israel.

He retweeted this photo.


Screen-Shot-2015-02-11-at-5.59.30-PM-740x172 Screen-Shot-2015-02-11-at-6.03.29-PM-740x170 Screen-Shot-2015-02-11-at-6.03.43-PM-740x172

In another case he tweeted out a video featuring anti-Israel fanatic Norman Finkelstein. The video mocks American support for Israel in the most anti-Semitic of ways.

Barakat also shared a video from Burhan Ghalioun, a leader of the Syrian opposition tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.

He also planned on going to Syria.  

And seems to have sent lots of money to them. Screen-Shot-2015-02-11-at-5.59.41-PM He also was nasty to white people. Could that have been what caused the fight?