NOW IN LIBYA: The Islamic State (ISIS) appears to have slaughtered 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians

Twenty-one Egyptian Coptic Christians kidnapped by ISIS in Libya around New Year’s are feared dead, after Twitter accounts linked to the Libyan branch of the Islamic State announced they had been slaughtered.


ANSAMED  There is no official confirmation yet but Egyptian media believe the news to be reliable and two pictures released by the same Twitter sources show what they describe as “the Islamic State carrying out the execution of Coptic prisoners in the province of Tripoli”.

In the first picture five men wearing the notorious orange jumpsuit are kneeling while hooded hangmen armed with knives stand behind them. The caption, written in English, describes them as “the humiliated followers of the Coptic church”.


In another picture more men wearing the orange jumpsuit appear in a line with their executioners under a message in English that reads “revenge for the Muslim women persecuted by Coptic crusaders in Egypt”. These pictures along with others were published by Dabiq, Isis’ online magazine in English, together with an announcement of the kidnapping but not of the execution.

The abduction, already described by several sources as having taken place around New Year’s, was claimed on January 12 and there remains a faint hope that the news of the execution on Twitter is a fake stretching of the images released. The Egyptian government which set up a special crisis unit to follow the kidnapping did not confirm the death of the Copts.


Intense contacts “have been established with Libyan counterparts to clarify the situation and assess the truthfulness” of the information provided reads a statement by the presidency. In the aftermath of the fall of Muammar Gheddafi, Libya has plunged into chaos with two governments claiming power with two armies and distinct militias.

Within this framework the Islamic State managed to create a caliphate in the city of Derna and to extend its realm of action more or less as far as Tripoli and Bengasi.

The Christian minority in Libya is increasingly at risk especially in the east of Libya where radical Islamists have grown more powerful and acts of intimidation and violence against Copts have risen. The kidnapped men, originally from the region of Minya in central Egypt, were abducted in the city of Sirte, Egyptian newspaper Al Shourouk reported.(ANSAmed).


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  1. These cowardly masked murderers are the feces of Satan on earth, wallowing in craven bloodlust and delusions of eternal glory to compensate for a fundamental self-loathing, a self-loathing born of their inadequacy and incapacity to cope with real life, real responsibility and real manhood. They wield their knives like phalluses, desperate to prove they are something more than the cancer on the face of God’s creation that they actually are.

    • There’s nothing new here. These scum have been doing the EXACT same thing for 1400 years.

      They invaded Europe both in the East and the West until the Ottoman Empire was destroyed by Europe.

      They’re just doing more of the same for a stupid, kooky religion that only appeals to fools and sect or cult members.

      And, it IS a cult.

  2. Don’t worry, Obama says these guys are not islamic. They’re just spirited youths misbehaving slightly.
    Isn’t that right, Barry ? Hey Barry. Isn’t that right ? Barry ? BARRY ? Helooooooo, anybody out there ? (crickets)

  3. Will Obama adress the plight of Coptic Christians, Arab Christians and people of no religion, Kurdish Yazidis, Thai Buddhists? Or is he going to cry a river and keep going back as far as hundreds years back just to prove a point in defence of his pro-islamic favourism, be it holy Crusades of Christians or Mongol’s actions (btw, thanks those Buddhists guys for ravaging Baghdad in 1258 – up to 2 million dead muslims in less than one month!!!!!! The remarkable and magnificent result!!!! Soviet decade-long action in Afghanistan and USA action in Irag both combined together gave us only 1,5 million victims in under 2 decades)?

  4. The Coliseum is packed with sell-out Sunday fans …. the game is on …. ISIS Lions 21 Coptic Christians 0 …. but, the game gets no coverage …. in the Monday sports section ?

  5. so if christians get butchered like cattle,no one in cares. one community gets “offended” and it is as if you killed all of their children and burned their patents. How does that work??

  6. “revenge for the Muslim women persecuted by Coptic crusaders in Egypt” I lol’d. These delusional freaks GENUINELY beleive that “islam is in danger” in Egypt and that christians are hiding an arsenal of weapons in their churches, waiting to attack! Incredibly sad that not much attention is given to these hostages by the media. It’s like you matter only if you’re Japanese, American or British.

    • The media is to blame not the citizens ! We Americans would be doing things differently if we had not lost our country to a muslim dictator and power hungry politicians !

  7. A Trap

    A large group of Isis fighters in Afghanistan are moving down a road when
    they hear a voice call from behind a sand dune: “One Marine is better than
    ten Isis fighters”. The Isis commander quickly orders 10 of his best men
    over the dune where a gun-battle breaks out and continues for a few
    minutes, then silence.

    The voice once again calls out: “One Marine is better than one hundred Isis
    fighters.” Furious, the Isis commander sends his next best 100 troops over
    the dune and instantly a huge gun fight commences. After 10 minutes of
    battle, again silence.

    The Vietnam Veteran calls out again: “One Marine is better than one
    thousand Isis fighters.” The enraged Isis commander musters 1000 fighters
    and sends them to the other side of the dune. Rifle fire, machine guns,
    grenades, rockets and cannon fire ring out as a terrible battle is fought
    …. Then silence.

    Eventually one badly wounded Isis fighter crawls back over the dune and
    with his dying words tells his commander,

    “Don’t send any more men……it’s a trap. There’s two of them!

  8. They have to get out. End of story. No reason to stay there. The muslims will eventually turn against them, even their muslim friends.

  9. Those who listened to Alex Jones on WWCR shortwave during the coldwar years probably remember the Libyan strongman trying to buy the expertise of the IRA/Irish Republican Army. The IRA refused and Khadafy settled for female bodyguards highly trained in martial arts; described by some as she devils. I hope those she devils are fighting with Peshmerga against ISIL in Iraq.

  10. This is a CHRISTIAN HOLOCAUST!! When Good People Do Not Say Something about TERRORISM they are GUILTY of this as well!!

    Because of Judaism we Have Christianity PERIOD!!! We Have the SAME TRUE GOD who art in HEAVEN!!

    • And our God will never change. I get so sick of muslims claiming to worship the same God. Yes they may think they follow the God of Abraham but YHWH told me not to murder. My God is the same from the time there was nothing, before he created the heavens and the earth. Their “same” god (lower case intentional) must have changed his mind somewhere in the 600 years between Christ and Muhammad and suddenly became ok with murder, rape, pedophilia etc. Stupid muslims dont even realise who their god is. Allah is named in the Quran “the master of all DECEIVERS”, just as the bible shows Satan as “the father of all LIES”.