Video shows the Islamic State (ISIS) prepping young boy for suicide attack in Iraq

Rudaw Media Network has obtained exclusive video filmed by ISIS militants during a massive assault on Mala Abdulla village near Kirkuk.  Leaders of the roughly 600-strong ISIS force are shown boasting of their power to capture Erbil and Sulaimani, and cities “all the way to Rome.”


RUDAW (via TROP As shown on camera, ISIS militants prepare a 12-year-old boy to carry out a suicide car. The young man smiles as they promise he will soon be married in heaven. Militants are shown teaching village children near Mala Abdulla ISIS slogans such as “ The Islamic State will Survive.”

“When we retook control of Mala Abdulla village, we captured the camera of the Iranian Sunni ISIS fighter who filmed the footage when they were preparing themselves to attack the Peshmarga bases,Î said Anwar Haji  Osma, a top Peshmarga official who obtained video.