Oh, BOO HOO. Muslims at the University of Maryland claim that they are “misunderstood”

So they can attempt to cram junk-information about “peaceful” Islam down everyone’s throats in another colossal waste of time called ‘Islam Awareness Week.’


Chronicle  “Hajj.” “Hijab.” “Jummah.” Last week Muslim students at the University of Maryland at College Park helped non-Muslim students understand what those words—translated as “pilgrimage,” “headscarf,” and “prayer”—mean in the context of Islam. In doing so they hoped to combat popular misconceptions about their faith.

Their efforts, part of Islam Awareness Week sponsored by the campus’s Muslim Students Association, have taken on added importance since the shooting of three Muslim students near the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the subsequent conversation surrounding the hashtag and idea “#MuslimLivesMatter.”

Earlier on the same day as the shooting, Muslim students at College Park invited non-Muslim students to wear a hijab for a day—not only to feel what it’s like to conceal one’s hair but also to understand the hijab’s deeper religious significance. (Like what it feels to be a willing slave in an oppressive death cult)