WIN $10,000 in AFDI’s ‘Draw the Prophet Muhammad’ Contest


In response to the recent multiple murders and deadly terrorist attacks in Europe by Muslims on those dedicated to freedom of speech and expression, Pamela Geller and AFDI announce the inaugural Draw Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest.

Pamela Geller  On Saturday, an Islamic jihadist murdered one person and wounded three, firing multiple shots at an event entitled “Art, Blasphemy and Freedom of Expression” at the Krudttoenden cafe in Copenhagen, featuring Muhammad cartoonist Lars Vilks and Francois Zimeray, the French ambassador to Denmark. Clearly he wanted to kill Vilks and continue the Islamic attack on free speech.


Last Monday, a Muslim mob in Pakistan that was protesting against the Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Muhammad forced open the gates of a Christian school, smashed windows, destroyed property and demanded that the school be closed. This followed demonstrations in which tens of thousands of Muslims in Pakistan demanded that the West adopt Shariah blasphemy laws. An estimated 800,000 demonstrated against free speech in Chechnya. Muslim mobs in Niger set 45 churches on fire in their rage against the actions.


Meanwhile, a carnival in Germany canceled plans for a Charlie Hebdo float. (And now they have cancelled the entire carnival) A cartoon museum in Belgium canceled plans for a Charlie Hebdo tribute. An art museum in Paris removed an artwork from exhibit after Muslim threats. This stunning cowardice proves, yet again, that it hardly ends with cartoons. It begins there. The West is giving these savages the ultimate power over us. They seek to control what we say, what we think, and how we live. And we are letting them.

CANCELLED: Northern Germany’s largest annual Carnival parade in the city of Braunschweig
CANCELLED: Northern Germany’s largest annual Carnival parade in the city of Braunschweig

It’s time to stand up.That’s why my organization, the human rights advocacy group the American Freedom Defense Initiative, or AFDI, will be holding a contest for cartoons of Muhammad, and an exhibit of Muhammad cartoons this May in Garland, Texas, at the same facility as the Honor the Prophet Conference that was held by a pro-Islamic group in January.

The keynote speaker will be Dutch freedom fighter and Parliamentarian Geert Wilders – one of the very few politicians on the international scene who dares to speak the truth about the jihad threat.


The contest will be online, with entries posted at the AFDI website. The winning cartoon will be announced at the May 3rd cartoon exhibit in Garland. The winning cartoonist will be awarded a $10,000 prize.

The cartoon exhibit will feature images of Islam’s prophet, both historic and contemporary, and speeches by leading voices of freedom and internationally renowned free speech advocates. Also speaking will be brave artists who are unbowed by violent threats and determined to stand for the freedom of speech. MORE INFORMATION HERE