As the Islamic State (ISIS) turns its attention to Europe, the virtually demilitarized Europe wets its pants


As ISIS shows off its power and parades its stolen American-made vehicles through Benghazi in Libya, it’s just a hop, skip, and jump to the countries of Southern Europe – Italy and Spain (Andalusia) – which are now in ISIS crosshairs.

Infobae  The images are striking. As happens in Iraqi or Syrian territories in which the Islamic State (ISIS) has imposed its law to force beheadings in Benghazi and Sirte, two of the most important towns Libya, its local subsidiary has achieved the same.


Ansar al Sharia (soldier Sharia) produced this propaganda video with a parade of early February 2015, boasting of its luxury equipment-not known whether purchased or stolen from other forces against men, women and children greet their path as if they were heroes.

Images taken with drones, late model SUVs, regular police lights and classic black flags that identify the adherents to the caliphate complete some shots where the domain is established jihadists in this region.


Infobae  A statement of the Spanish Senate warns that the progress of the jihadists in North Africa is a threat to collective security worldwide. Italy also raised the alarm.

In his statement, the Senate referred to the “grave” situation in the Middle East has moved to North Africa and the “worrying” and “chaotic” situation in Libya, which directly affects the Mediterranean countries of the European Union, given its proximity.


“A scenario that is not only a serious attack on the stability and prosperity of the area, but a threat to collective security worldwide, given the existence of sleepers commands and is thus created, according to the statement, called lone wolves.”

The Spanish Senate renewed its solidarity with the peoples of the southern Mediterranean and expressed hope that “the sooner reach the requirements of peace, freedom, democracy, prosperity and respect for all human rights.”



During the session in the Senate, President of the Senate, Pio Garcia Escudero, read the text agreed by all parliamentary groups, which agree in condemning the “brutal” crimes committed by groups associated ISIS.

Among these is the death of 45 people burned in Iraq, the beheading of 21 Egyptian Copts in Libya and several Western journalists, and also recalled the recent bombings in Paris and Copenhagen.

Given these crimes “sow horror,” the senators stressed that “universal consciousness can not remain indifferent” and reported that levels of cruelty achieved undermine “the human rights”.


“We face a serious challenge to our values ​​and against the most basic democratic principles,” say the senators in his statement, which expressed their “radical condemnation” of the attacks on institutions or interests of the Jewish communities in Europe and reiterates its condemnation of anti-Semitism in all its forms.

Infobae  The execution of 21 Egyptians established a battlefront just steps from the Old Continent propaganda revealed ISIS projects to ravage the Mediterranean, and Italy warns. “Our time is not infinite.”

Members of the militia of the Islamic State (ISIS) plan to use Libya as a base for having planned unleash war in southern Europe , as revealed letters written by jihadists quoted by the British newspaper Daily Telegraph.


His project involves “flood” the North African country with militants in Syria and Iraq, then cross the Mediterranean posing as migrants in barges carrying hundreds of people every day, especially south of Italy.

For this reason, the Government of the peninsula has warned in recent hours that “the world is running out of time to realize the threat ISIS in Libya.” In a statement to Parliament, Minister of Foreign Affairs Paolo Gentiloni warned that there is a “clear risk” that an alliance between Libyan jihadists and the group originated in Iraq is forged.

UK student turned ISIS jihadi describes how Turkey's police sympathize with ISIS

The letters are attributed to Abu Arhim to Libim, a propagandist of ISIS using that alias and act as one of the leading online jihadist recruits seeking to occupy Libya.

The country has potential for this type of experiment, because its weak security has collapsed rapidly in the wake of the revolution that toppled Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. As the Italian official warns, there are already very active ISIS cells in various regions Libya.


Among the statements that stand out from the brutal video is the Jihadist pointing with his thumb toward the north: “We will conquer Rome by the grace of Allah.”


For Al Libim, Libya is an immensely fertile ground. It smacks thinking capture the vast arsenal that Gaddafi lost at the hands of the rebels at the end of his reign. According to the Daily Telegraph, many of these weapons are British, provided during the last years of his rule, when it was seen as a counterterrorism ally.


In addition, the Libyan coastline is suitable for the assault to ravage Europe and the Mediterranean, emulating the famous Muslim pirate Barbarossa “has a long coastline facing the Crusaders southern states, which can be easily achieved with rudimentary boats” Read Al Libim.


He also quotes barges exploit migrants point: “There are a number of reps called ‘illegal immigration’ from the coast, a large number … if it even partially exploded and develop it strategically, it could unleash pandemonium in southern European countries, and may create a flotilla of boats that make white ships and tankers Crusaders “.

In 2014 alone, some 170,000 immigrants arrived in Italy through the tiny island of Lampedusa, where they crowded in very fragile life. The place can become a breeding ground for jihadists ready for anything.

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