NETHERLANDS MP Geert Wilders vilifies Dutch Parliament over its “cowardly cuddling of Islam”

“A month ago, I called on this government to wake up. To recognize ISLAM as the cause of all the terror and misery in the world today.” 

Dutch MEP Geert Wilders holds press conference in London

**Some Excerpts**

I called on government to close our borders. End Islamization. Let Jihadists leave and never allow them to return to the Netherlands. Nothing changed. And the Netherlands now faces the biggest threat since World War II, the result of  incredibly dangerous political correctness. All we see are double standards, a selective indignation, a cowardly cuddling of Islam.

Meanwhile, the dhimmi government is providing extra support to Muslims in the Netherlands. As if nothing has happened. As if the problem in our country is that we have not enough Islam.  


This government is still refusing to acknowledge that Islam, this sick ideology of Allah and Muhammad, this ideology of hatred and violence, is the cause of all the misery and terror. Everyone who is critical or even dares to be critical about Islam or its so-called prophet Muhammad, depicts him in a cartoon, ridicules or insults him, signs his own death warrant. That these are not empty threats we have recently seen in Paris.

Research now reveals that there are as many as 100,000 Muslims in the Netherlands who in their faith find justification to use violence. We already knew that 80% of the Turkish youths in the Netherlands consider violence against Christians, Jews and non-believers to be OK. And that three quarters of those who leave to wage jihad are Moroccans.

Stop Islamization. Stop immigration. Stop the tsunami of asylum seekers. Do not allow the building of hate palaces, such as the Gouda mosque, anymore. Enough is enough!

Vlad Tepes