RAMPANT MUSLIM INBREEDING is costing Denmark millions in associated medical and hospital costs


Disabled Muslim immigrant children cost Danish municipalities millions. In Copenhagen municipality alone, the number of disabled Muslim children has increased 100 percent in ten years.

10 News  The explanations are many:  More disabled children survive. But it also turns out that Muslim immigrants have more disabled children than Danes do.


A large part of the reason is due to the many cousin-marriages among immigrants. This doubles the risk of having a disabled. …

Already in 2000 it turned out that while 13 percent of all children were immigrants in Copenhagen Municipality, they accounted for 24 percent of severely disabled children. …

Merete Lefelt contacted 330 families with disabled children in Copenhagen. She estimates that one third of their clients have a foreign cultural background. One reason for the significant increase is believed to be the cousin marriages among many Muslims.”



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