Oh, BOO HOO. Failed Muslim lawyer and humorless comedian, Dean Obeidallah, whines about Muslims in America feeling “unsafe and under siege”

“Below is  just a small sample of the alarming responses I received on Facebook when I asked my fellow Muslims if they felt safe in America.”

Obeidallah (right) making a fool out of himself on a NYC street
Muslim woman & Obeidallah (right) making  fools out of themselves on NYC street

“I have been told at my job to hide the fact I am Muslim for my own personal safety by a manager.”

“I worry for my wife who wears a headscarf and my children when they are with her and I am not there to protect them.”

“I feel terrified for my two sons. Although all three of us were born and raised here I fear for our safety.”

“My dad recently asked my mother and sister to try and disguise their hijab with a hat.”

“I don’t feel safe. I fear that if some could shoot me and my family and get away with it, they would.”

CNN  These fears have been exacerbated by the professional anti-Muslim bigots, certain pundits (primarily on the right, but some on the left as well) and some Republican elected officials Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s  claims about Muslims setting up “no go” zones being one of the most talked about examples. (Hey Dean, how about you and your fellow Muslims squatting in America go back to the Islamic hellhole your parents crawled out of?)