Yet Another reason never to get into a cab with a Somali Muslim driver

One of FBI’s most wanted Muslim terrorists, a cab driver in the Washington DC area for several years, who left the U.S. in 2012 to join the al-Shabaab terror group, has been captured in Somalia.


Liban, a former taxi driver in northern Virginia, has been accused by the FBI of providing “material support and resources” to al Shabaab, an al Qaeda-linked terrorist group in Somalia. But because there is no extradition treaty with Somalia, it is not known whether or not he will be returned.

IB Times  Carl Ghattas, special agent in charge of the counterterrorism division at the FBI’s Washington field office, said in a statement, adding: “It is important for us to locate Mohamed because he has knowledge of the Washington, D.C. area’s infrastructure such as shopping areas, Metro, airports, and government buildings.”  It added that during his time in northern Virginia, Liban was a recruiter for al Shabaab, which has claimed responsibility for several attacks in Somalia and Uganda as well as the Westgate Mall massacre in Kenya last year.

And Barack Hussein Obama has been bringing in tens of thousands of Somali Muslims each year since 2009 and dumping them in Bible Belt communities around America.