Queen Rania of Jordan perpetuates the lie about the Islamic State (ISIS) having “nothing to do with Islam”


No matter how modern and Westernized they appear, Muslims are all cut from the same cloth.

Mediaite  King Abdullah of Jordan recently said President Obama is right not to call ISIS Islamic, and now his wife, Queen Rania, is publicly saying the same thing. In a conversation with Arianna Huffington at The WorldPost Future of Work Conference, Queen Rania said, “I’d love to drop the first I in ISIS, because there’s nothing Islamic about them. They have nothing to do with faith and everything to do with fanaticism.”

And just like Obama said, Queen Rania argued that focusing on the religious aspect gives ISIS “undeserved legitimacy” and “helps with their recruitment.” And, on top of that, “any action taken against them would automatically be called a war against Islam, which is exactly what they want it to be.”

LEFTIST IDIOT Ariana Huffington repeats the widely-exposed media lie that 1,000 Muslims surrounded a synagogue in Denmark to protect it when virtually all of the people there were Danish Christians and only about a dozen were Muslims.