MALI: Muslim terrorist shouting “Allahu Akbar” murders five, including two Europeans, in nightclub attack

images-2A hooded assailant has killed five people including a Frenchman and a Belgian in a gun and grenade attack on a nightclub popular with expatriates in Mali’s capital Bamako.  A policeman, a security guard and a young woman were the three Malians who died.

UK Telegraph  The attacker shouted “Allahu akbar” (Arabic for ‘God is great’) as he burst into the nightclub, La Terrasse, at about one am and sprayed bullets from an automatic rifle, witnesses said. French troops intervened in the west African country two years ago against groups linked with al-Qaeda. 


The Frenchman was shot dead in the first-floor bar. The Belgian, a security officer with the European Union delegation in Bamako, was killed in front of his house in a nearby street as the attacker made his getaway in a car driven by an accomplice who also wore a hood concealing his face, police said.

As they drove away, the attacker hurled a grenade at a police car, killing the policeman. 

Nine people were wounded, including two Swiss soldiers serving as UN experts, who were described as being in “stable but critical condition”, and a Swiss woman. Two suspects were arrested, police said.