ISIS INIFIDEL OUTREACH: Now leftist sympathizers can wear Islamic State-brand clothing at ‘anti-Israel’ rallies

In it’s first venture into the world of fashion, the Islamic terrorist group is now selling Islamic State-branded goods…with everything from sovereign rings and baseball caps to school bags and baby clothing.


UK Daily Mail  From babywear to wedding rings, ISIS supporters have been showing off their appalling taste in fashion on social media. Most ISIS merchandises appear to be cheaply made and poor quality, always adorned with the ISIS badge.

The uninspiring fashion pieces have been seen being worn by fighters, mothers and babies living in ISIS territory in Syria and Iraq.  Naturally nearly all the merchandises are based around the dull colour scheme of black and white.


The uninspiring colours embody the values of the extremist group’s flag, the famous black banner long associated with Islamic State and radical Islam. Any other colour could be a hint of apostasy, or worse interest in the tight fitting world of Western clothes.

Jihadi mothers in Syria and Iraq obsessively show off their little darlings, decked out in Islamic State’s latest naff fashion pieces. Young babies have been pictured, miserably wrapped in Islamic State rugs, highlighting the extremist group’s obsession with indoctrinating children from a young age.


Oblivious to their unexplained allegiance to the group, their heads have been covered with an itchy looking hats with the ISIS logo emblazoned on in Arabic.

Other children have been kitted out in ill-fitting military uniforms, struggling to hold onto the rifle which has been thrusted into their arms for the photo.  School children have been photographed, proudly wearing ISIS branded school bags as they walk to school.

One young girl is pictured posing from behind to show off her own ISIS draw string bag. Wearing a thick quilted pink coat, matching gloves and a niqab, the seven old is dwarfed by the heavy bag.

Looks like the Saudis have some real competition: