Watch the Muslim with the shit-stain on his head dance around questions about stoning punishments, female genital mutliation, and homosexuality

Asim Qureshi is research director at the Muslim pressure group, CAGE, who described the beheader, ‘Jihadi John,’ as “beautiful, extremely kind and gentle and the most humble young person I ever knew.”

Asim Qureshi
Asim Qureshi

UK Express  Asim Qureshi, director of Muslim rights group CAGE, was asked about views advocated by an Islamic scholar he had described as a mentor. These included positions of female genital mutilation, domestic violence and stoning women as punishment for adultery.

When he was pushed to take a stance during the programme aired yesterday the CAGE director added: “I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about”. Mr Neil accused Mr Qureshi of using “weasel words” and claimed that the Muslim activist had before spoken in favor of Sharia law and Jihad.


When questioned repeatedly about these views on BBC’s This Week programme by presenter Andrew Neil Mr Qureshi refused to condemn the opinions. Others extreme positions he refused to condemn included horrifying claims that Jews are descended from pigs and that homosexuality is evil.

The CAGE director responded: “As far as I am concerned, Sharia law isn’t practiced correctly anywhere in the world. “Jihad is part of the religion of Islam.”