OHIO convert to Islam, arrested for planning terror attack on Washington DC, says, “I’m with the Islamic State. I’m very dedicated to establishing sharia in America, to wage war on the unbeliever and raise the word of Allah above all”


Christopher Cornell, on an exclusive phone call with FOX News from his jail cell, said if he hadn’t been arrested he would have gone to Washington and shot Obama, as well as members of the House and Senate, and he would have attacked the Israeli Embassy and other buildings full of kuffar (unbelievers).

FOX 19 (h/t CreepingSharia)  Muslim convert from Ohio, Cornell is accused of plotting with an FBI informant to plan an attack in Washington, D.C. that included planting pipe bombs around the U.S. Capitol and the Israeli embassy with the intention of then shooting people as they ran from the buildings to escape the bombs.

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“The planned attack against the United States Capitol, the event in which I planned, was but a reaction to the continued American aggression, injustice and oppression against our people,” Cornell said in the interview. “I got orders from the brothers overseas because I’m with the Islamic State. My brothers over there, in Syria and Iraq, gave me specific orders to carry out jihad in the west, so I did so,” said Cornell.

According to court documents, under the name Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah, Cornell posted videos and statements supporting ISIS and violent jihad in North America.