Police arrest 4 more involved in Paris terror attacks, including one policewoman who is a convert to Islam

010915-paris-attacks_map_1Four people including a French MUSLIM female police officer have been taken into custody in connection with the January Islamic terror attacks in Paris. Those arrested are believed to be associates of Amedy Coulibaly, who stormed a kosher supermarket and killed four Jews in Porte de Vincennes as well as another female police officer and a jogger.


Express  Two of those being held are a man who was initially arrested on January 23 and his female police officer partner, according to Europe 1 radio. The officer, who reportedly converted to Islam two years ago, is suspected of checking a police file on her boyfriend without authorization.

The man is believed to have met with Coulibaly in the days leading up to his attack on the Jewish kosher store in Porte de Vincennes, in which he killed four people. According to AFP two others who had links to Coulibaly were also being questioned by officers in Paris.