Another Muslim is killed in America. Does anyone care?

0NOPE! NOBODY CARES, but once again we have to hear from failed former Muslim lawyer and out-of-work comedian, Dean Obeidallah (right), whining about “Islamophobia” in America. Only this time, it’s about a Muslim who was gunned down in Texas, the victim of a random shooting, no anti-Muslim hatred involved.

Ahmed al-Jumaili, recent Iraqi Muslim immigrant killed in a random shooting in Dallas
Ahmed al-Jumaili, recent Iraqi Muslim immigrant killed in a random shooting in Dallas

“You are dead. We are going to kill you.”

“The North Carolina shootings were just the beginning.”

“You are not Americans, don’t fly our flag.”

The Daily BeastThese are just some of the despicable comments directed at American Muslims in the Dallas-Forth Worth area in the last two months.  The first two statements were shared with me by Alia Salem, the executive Director of the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of the (designated terrorist group) CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations).  The death threat “You are dead…”  was chillingly made to her on the phone just a few weeks ago. The second remark was directed at another in the community, referencing the recent killing of three Muslim American college students in North Carolina.


The third comment was yelled at Muslim Americans attending a local ‘Stand up for the prophet’ conference in mid January that  had been organized by the local Muslim community to counter extremism and hate. (No it was to condemn criticism of their prophet Mohammed and condone the killing of cartoonists who mocked him in France)

I don’t mention these comments in the hope of eliciting sympathy (Yes, that is all you do). I mention them to give you a sense of the anti-Muslim climate down there so that you understand why the local Muslim community believes that the murder of a Muslim man in Dallas on March 5, 2015 was a hate crime.

(It wasn’t, as much as you Muslims so want it to be) hey-chronic-muslim-whiners-to-the-media-sometimes-a-random-shooting-really-is-just-a-random-shooting


Ahmed al-Jumaili had survived the violence that had plagued Iraq for 36 years. But within one month of living in America, he was murdered in a parking lot while watching snow fall.

Now there’s no specific evidence yet that he was murdered because he was Muslim. Although it was an area known for a high Muslim population and his wife was wearing a hijab. But Alia Salem made it clear the local Muslim community believes it could be anti-Muslim incident.

Ahmed-al-Jumaili & wife
Ahmed-al-Jumaili & wife

What the police do know is that a grainy black-and-white surveillance video shows four people fleeing after the shooting carrying a rifle. But no arrests have been made as of yet. 

The fact that al-Jumaili, an Iraqi, was killed by a rifle, as opposed to up close with a handgun, makes me think of the film American Sniper.  Now I’m not saying that the film had anything to do with this killing, but I can’t discount it given the backlash we saw against Muslims and Arabs on social media from people who saw the film.




But here’s what I will say:  If a Muslim is “randomly” killed in America in this current climate of anti-Muslim bigotry, I’m assuming it’s a hate crime even if evidence has been produced to prove otherwise.  (Ewwww, Dean, can’t be too careful here in Islamophobic America, better oak your bags and go back to your daddy’s country of origin – Arab-occupied Palestine)