MIAMI SYNAGOGUE: Muslim convert shouts “Allahu Akbar” and threatens to cut the heads off Jews

CEM1973496_132943979179According to a police report, two members of the Ohev Shalom Congregation were standing outside the Miami Beach synagogue Saturday night when Diego Chaar, a prison convert to Islam and another man walked by shouting “Allah Akbar” at least twice, and “We will cut your heads off.”

WSVN  Rabbi Pinchas Weberman, the synagogue’s head rabbi for over 54 years and a chaplain for Miami Beach Police and Miami-Dade Police, said he remains concerned for his congregation’s safety after the suspect approached his son and other members of the congregation. “

Diego Chaar
Diego Chaar

A group of young men were outside in the front area, the front lawn, sitting on the benches, and they were approached by somebody who was screaming, ‘Allahu akbar. I’m gonna cut your heads off.’ He repeated that, and they went and called the police. He used the term that the terrorists used when they killed the infidels, and they threatened to cut their heads off.”

Diego Chaar was arrested Sunday and is facing misdemeanor assault and stalking charges. When asked why he approached Orthodox Jews at Ohev Shalom Synagogue Saturday night with the purpose of converting them, Chaar replied, “I want to take them to paradise. I don’t want them to burn in hell for the rest of eternity. I feel like that they’re worshipping right now is nothing, it’s fake. It don’t exist, in my opinion.”


Miami Beach Police patrolled the synagogue Tuesday to ensure the safety of the congregation, but the stepped-up police presence did not stop Chaar from showing up just yards from the premises. He told 7News he has the “responsibility” to convert people to Islam.

Chaar then denied having said he wanted to cut off the congregants’ heads. “Oh, I did not say that,” he said. However, he did admit to saying Allahu akbar (Meaning God is greater and always used during beheadings by Muslims)


When asked why he used the sacred phrase, Chaar said, “I was trying to convert them. I’ve converted a lot of my friends.” “They can be as angry as they want. I have freedom of speech.” Chaar said he converted to Islam a few years ago while serving prison time for drug trafficking.

After finding out Chaar was outside his synagogue speaking to the media, Weberman he called in a complaint to Miami Beach Police. “He should have been restrained. He should have been in jail,” he said.