The Islamic State (ISIS) threatens to burn down the U.S. Capitol and bomb Big Ben in London

These pictures show the disturbing fantasy world imagined by Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists. It might well be a fantasy, but ISIS has a $2+ billion bank account that can buy a lot of technology.

UK Daily Mail  In one image, terrorist fighters overrun the Capitol building in Washington, and fly an ISIS flag from the top of the iconic building, which is engulfed in flames, and the American flag is falling.


A second image created and circulated by Russian-speaking terrorists is of smiling Abu Omar al-Shishani, one of the most feared military commanders of the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq, with Big Ben burning in the background. The caption reads: ‘Soon!! In all cities of the world’, according to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.  


Another fantasy depicts a white horse carrying the Isis flag escaping from the mouths of hungry wolves. It could have a number of different meanings, but it seems to depict a pure (white) Isis overpowering those standing in its way.

But it seems these terrorists dream of an air force as the group’s logo is painted on a black fighter-jet and another shows a ‘pilot of the Islamic State’. 



In September, it was reported that ISIS jihadists were changing tactics in the face of U.S.-led air strikes in Iraq by ditching conspicuous convoys in favour of motorcycles.

Slickly produced ISIS recruitment video:

In the meantime, ISIS is busy training its next generation of junior jihadis: