FRANCE: Conservative Front National party leader Marine Le Pen takes on hostile CNN reporter

And does a very good job of defending her increasingly popular party’s position on the need to curtail rampant Muslim immigration.

h/t Christian M


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  1. The USA has a similar figure in the person of Dr. Benjamin Carson, he is a brilliant intellectual, erudite, a fierce patriot and a believing Christian. He made mincemeat of Obama and his thugs at the Prayer Breakfast, he towers intellectually over all the lefties and Muzzies. He is the only hope for the salvation of our country.

  2. I fully agree. CNN is CRAP. (yet useful) Obe can always tell the Washington discourse, especially when Fred Pleikin (or what ever his name is) does a flipping tour of IRAN. Sorry Bibi, the ‘deal’ has already been done and Iran and the US are going to open embassies and normalize relations…… ALL TOLD ON CNN!

  3. LOVE SWEET MARIE ! Who was that CNN twat that ran out of “gotcha” questions and had to revert to character insulting ? She couldn’t be an effective interviewer of a third grader. Everything she asked was obviously designed to be insulting.

  4. CNN must be feeling rather foolish now! The french lady tore her to ribbons.I bet she wont want to interview her again in the future,especially if she becomes heroine, marine le penn you were fantsatic..

  5. Marine Le Pen …. a “Marine with a Pen” …. now that is Nominal Determinism …. (a belief that your given name …. determines your existence) …. hmmm …. Lincoln …. I guess I’m here to free us from Muslim slavery ? LOL

  6. France absolutely needs this woman if it is to survive. As another commenter said, it is crazy for the French to prefer the muslim destroyers instead of the Jews who don’t bother anyone but want to live their lives in peace. This statement by George Orwell comes to mind after I read this story and saw how the CNN reporter acted by not even bothering to hide her prejudice:

    In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

    The reporter has been programmed to think/say that everything is ‘racist’ even if it is in defense of one’s own country and culture. May this little upstart reporter have to wear a burka and stay at home birthing 15 muslim children. If she’s lucky they won’t force her to have a clitorectomy done.

  7. Vive Marine!! I would rate her as one of the strongest politicians in the world today, and I live in hope that her example will lead other cowardly politicians to actually start fighting instead of denying the deadly Islamic threat to the world.
    Obama, Cameron and Merkel are not even fit to shine her shoes.

    ( I don’t know if she’s married, but I can just imagine the consequences if her husband hung the towel up crooked in the bathroom, she’s a very forthright and focussed lady!!)

  8. Never realised the extent of CNNs loathesome Leftist style. Forgive my ignorance people. I’m never watching or logging onto CNN again. Their reporters are a DISGRACE! More traitors amongst us, when will it STOP!

    (Love you Marie – the world needs you – now hurry up and become President)

  9. This woman is my hero! An unapologetic french patriot who put that puling liberal assine woman in her place every time she tried to bait her! Marine le pen is perhaps the strongest smartest politician who is a patriot and will do the ugly house cleaning needed so badly in France! She WILL DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS BACK TO HOME COUNTRIES! She will crush the muslim terrorist that have so very Ungratefully have taken all france has to offer then holds mass protests in the streets over halal food! No gratitude in those bitches any of them! I pray she is elected and starts showing the way how to de muslim -Ize a country! Getting out of EU is key tho as they are the multicultural dreamers who still insist it is working and they need more MUZRATTS in Europe to bleed them dry to cause anarch to make the JEWS flee.. Any society would be crazy to see the JEWS leave and be replaced by the non skilled illiterate lazy fucks who do nothing but plot against the state, bitch whine and complain, spawn feral children on their headbags and generally live like animals who deface and ruin the properties they are given for free to live in! Enough is enough! Vive marine le pen! Vive le france! God bless and guide america to find a leader with such awesome qualities our next election!

  10. Marine Le Pen is saying now what Brigitte Bardot tried to say and warn the French a few yrs back, about the muslim destroying the French culture and mistreating animals during their festivities, amonhb Well, the French dhimmies shut her up for hate speech and fined her thousands of Euros and threatened her with jail. She must be saying, ” I told you so.”
    Vive Marine Le Pen!! May she be safe always and be the propelling force for a muslim free France and the west.

  11. Stupid moll , that CNN thing . Let her bend over forwards/backwards and ask the ab _ _ dulls for equality . Stupid bitch would get her head cut off .

  12. All support for Marine and her party. I wish that the French would wake up and give Marine and her party full support. This party is the future hope for France to stay French and not be taken over by the muslum scum.

  13. Love Marie Le Penn!
    She’s a strong woman!
    Vive Le France!
    F islam!
    F lefty pathetic CNN!!
    A F Bunch of Pussies!!

  14. Marine Le Pen may actually wake up the snoring Europeans who think you can win Islam by love and kindness. It is a vicious evil representing and promoting a vicious evil false prophet and false god. I am of French heritage on my fathers side and I appreciate her standing up for the right of France to be French.

  15. If she ran for prime minister over here I would vote for her in a second, cnn is a joke and so full of it that they make me puke.

  16. I LOVE Marine. I only wish I could vote and campaign for her. I’ve had it though with these reporters. How ride and obnoxious was she? It was, as usual, a crystal-clear attempt to score points with the politically crowd. Makes me wanna puke.

  17. Hope she gets in….. And once she shows how to stop these Muslims in their tracks, it might inspire other opposition leaders to take her lead and not be afraid to tell the truth.

    She is very smart though and she stresses that she is doing it for the detriment of her country and does not attack Muslims as such but notice how she says we can’t allow unemployed immigrants in the country as we have a large unemployment problem….

    I like this lady…

  18. She has my vote. I simple cannot believe, that in a country of 320 million people, we cannot find a man/woman, black/white who has the strength and stomach to stand up and say the same things in the US.

  19. Le Pen really is very good at handling the lefty media. She smacked down every one of those “have you stopped beating your wife” type questions.



    LEFT-WING LIBERALS call us terrorists!! It’s the Extreme LEFT-WING LIBERALS that are the TERRORISTS!!

    Marine is a Conservative party and HERO!!

    Am Yisrael Chai FOREVERMORE, Baruch Hashem-Yahweh-YHWH BLESS Ye All Everyone Forever!!

    Shabbat Shalom Everyone!!

    Love and Shalom, YSIC \o/