UNCENSORED! Pictures censored by the media show ISIS prisoners being tortured and beheaded in revenge attacks by Iraqi Special Forces

BeheadMAINIraqi forces take revenge with beheadings, mutilations and brutal executions by throwing people from buildings. Media-censored pictures from the Instagram account under the name of Iraqi_lion18 (now private), show severed heads and mutilated bodies reportedly by U.S.-trained Iraqi Special Forces advancing against jihadi strongholds.

BNI has acquired many of these photos uncensored.


UK Daily Mail  The horrific cache of images, uncovered by ABC News, emerged after Shi’ite militia leaders fighting with Iraqi troops said the current offensive on Saddam Hussein’s hometown would be a chance to avenge their deaths.


Other accounts show a man with his hands bound being thrown out of a tower and men believed to be Iraqi Special Operations Forces from the ‘Golden Brigades’ surrounding an alleged ISIS suspect who has been pulled by a rope.


U.S.officials confirmed yesterday that Washington was withholding funding from some Iraqi units ‘on the basis of credible information in the past’ of atrocities. After being shown the images, Iraqi Army spokesperson, General Saad Maan, said an investigation would be launched, adding: ‘We don’t have anything to hide.’



















The Kurdish Peshmerga have also been getting revenge on ISIS:








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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha – good to see the forces of righteousness at work! (I am expecting someone to argue with me about who is righteous)

  2. Nice pics! I think I just found my new screen saver. If my tax dollars were used for this well I can say one word “Perfect”

  3. These monsters, who were caught and tortured, caught and tortured many more than what you see here. There is nothing wrong with retaliation when you’ve lost your entire family and country. Nothing at all. Thank you for displaying their rotting flesh.

  4. I’ve been thinking about what I’d have done if I captured an IS-supporter, and I’ve been forced to confess to myself that I’d probably do things that are far worse than what’s being listed here even.

  5. Hook all irrigation systems in the country together keep fuel on stand by wait till you get a bunch them in a group spray them down and fry the devil’s then they will take there asses back to Syria they are a bunch of idiots thank Obama for helping his buddies to grow larger and thank all you idiots that voted him into office Russia and China should worry they will cut there heads eventually

    • It’s civil war. Their Country, Province,State or what have you is not unlike our own Civil War. I believe the barbarism of warfare has strayed from the front lines ,where soldiers fight like Men ,to a battlefield where the coward radicals send innocent women and children to kill innocent women and children. If we elect someone into Power that panters to this they will continue to spread a sociopathic message to any tyrannical ear. Justice for innocence and preservation of our Liberty will flourish through the PATRIOTISM of the Common Man. Bestowed upon us by the Graceful Teachings of Our One and Only Saviour. The Leader who brings His courageous Believers Home to experience once again the Gift that was Given in the beginning awaits you in The New Beginning

  6. Maybe they should quiver and drown in the own blood and semen this thought makes my day everyday!!!! or the slowest painful death in the world… (isis own dick)8===D(ISIS) drowning

  7. While we in US gamble, and piss on God’s given laws like traditional marriage, remember these are the enemies Obummer is importing by tens of thousands. So called refugees. Waiting for US to fall & society to crumble so they can show US the way. The Mark Of The Beast is coming. The Chip implanted to replace hackable security. A Chip in your arm. The dumbed down US liberal media will encourage US to embrace it. Just like they shelter & sanitize this shit.

  8. i wonder what a brainscan of a muslim would show — “On the left there´s nothing right, and on the right there´s noyhing left”

  9. I seriously doubt there’s any Sunni among the Shi’ia Iraqi and Iranian forces. I also doubt there’s Kurds among them. To deal with any conflict, language the oposition understands is required. The Shi’ia are speaking fluently and loudly.

  10. In these pictures, I see – blood, filth and toxins, brutality, torture, suffering, slow and painful death etc.

    Are they ‘halal’?

    (Sorry BNI, I posted my comment earlier under a wrong caption when it should actually be under this one).

      • what is the actual reason that these isis terrorists hate other religions other than their own ones.please reply me if u know or else ????

      • shut your pussy fucking ass, this isn’t halal, these are claiming to be “muslims”, which they really aren’t because they are not following anything in the lovely book. So shut up and this cite is so fucking stupid its ridiculous, this should be Bare naked islam but Bare naked Terrorism because terrorist do not have any religion, AAAAAANNNNNDDD There are some Iraqi sources that contain Christian and Jewish soldiers, so shut your ass 🙂

      • Why would this be “halal”?….Please reply-I am BRAND new to this site and am trying to understand the truth about Islam and could use some help..

        I guess when I see these pictures all I can see is ISIS DEAD like they deserve.. I may be too simple in my thinking but I think of all the pictures they took with the prisoners they bragged about “be-headding” so when I see some of their heads being “held up” in much the same manner I am left feeling like “M.F.A got what they deserve”..

        • SBJ, “Halal” is the Islam-appproved barbaric method of animal slaughter. Check the Sidebar under Categories: “Halal Slaughter” to see why it is considered barbaric. So, this method of slaughtering human beings is also “halal.”

  11. What would anyone expect but this? These are Muslims fighting Muslims each regarding the others as heretics and apostates and so subject to the worst that the Quran and the rest of Muslim literature order. It is nasty but no surprise.

    • Yes they are true Muslims following the WORD of the Quran to the letter. You seem to get triggered there. I know you are the one claiming to be peaceful right? That silent peaceful majority so you claim… I do not hear or see the Silent Muslim majority speaking out, integrating into the free world or even trying to have one degree of separation from the minority of Muslim terrorists– so that makes the peaceful Muslim so called silent majority enablers, co-conspirators, sponsors and fans of the jihadists. Go TRUMP get this trash out of the USA!!!!

  12. You (BNI) often cheer on one muslim faction as ‘moderate’ compared to the IS. A perfect example is your pro-Kurd posts. But I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

    If BOTH sides are muslim then no matter who wins, the world loses.

    I long for the days of the Soviet styled (agnostic) middle east dictators. Wouldn’t it be great if the Shaw, or Saddam, or Mubarak were still in power? Even Gaddafi is starting to look rosy in comparison to the ‘freedom fighters’ that now control Libya. When 5 million muslim refugees (mixed with 50 thousand IS fighters) invade southern Europe, Lockerbie won’t seem that bad anymore. If we had let the Soviets keep Afghanistan I bet there wouldn’t have been a 9/11 either. If the Soviets had taken Pakistan and Iran would they BOTH be islamic nuclear powers now? How long before we long for the days of the ‘evil’ (Russian/Iranian backed) Assad, as we do others? And yes, I’m well aware that Assad helps Hezbollah, but Hezbollah can be controlled by threatening to level Damascus. Can the IS be controlled by threatening to level Raqqa (or ANY city)?

    The same lesson over and over again. Always choose the non-muslim (or at least less muslim) side.

    When will we learn?

  13. Ahh soo what, 90% of them look like they were roasted in a artillery/air/mortar/rpg hit. So they decided to kill some of them the same way they killed other people, so what. The Syrian Army takes pictures of every terrorist they kill, so perhaps later they can show a family in what graveyard they are buried, and prove who and from where the terrs came from. Syrian News showed the Syrian UN delegate, sorry I forget his name, with a 500 page book of the dead terrs from other countries, all killed in one month.
    ISIS started in Sunni Triangle in 2006 blowing up US Troops, but only became big time rollers when they started this Takfir, Wahaddi Caliphate crap. So now they
    get killed in their own home town. What do I care, go to it. If you are minority and Syria and start a Revolution don’t come crying to us if you get your ass kicked!!!

  14. Why does the Media protect ISIS from the humiliation of seeing ISIS soldiers tortured ? Anywhoooo …. now you know what the Geneva Conventions were for …. an attempt to prevent this depravity …. too bad ISIS are not signers …. to the conventions ! LOL

  15. Disgusting barbaric scum on both sides. The Iraqi forces fighting ISIS are the same as their enemy; quite simply, savages with U.S. uniforms and equipment supplied.
    To resort to the same level of inhuman depravity as their foes is an indication of a cult religion still stuck in the seventh century.
    It is almost incomprehensible to try to come to terms with the fact that this utter savagery and barbarism is occurring in 2015. God help us all.

    • .Jews, yes……and to all us Christian kuffar as well…..The doctrine of demons known as pislam teaches its adherents to hate anyone who doesn’t go along with their particular brand, but as you’ve pointed out sob; especially Christians and all those ‘ape and pig Joooooos!” I’ll be copying my comment to my main blog, just in case the dhimmi dip moderators are on today, as they usually are on Sundays, faithfully deleting any comments from old pislamophobes such as I.

  16. As I said in my previous comments, loha hi lohe ko kat ta hai (iron can be cut by iron only). Same applies for this Isis garbage. They didn’t care while committing Crimes against humanity. Though many of us think it is justified. Isis is only reaping what they have sown.

    • FYI….ragheads are what we used to call turban wearers or Indians and Pakistani back in Canada where it’s inundated with them. But at least they’re not killing anyone, just each other.

  17. Isis killer is not returned, killed brutally? Although Isis murderers killed exactly as Isis methods. Iraqi soldiers and militia just made you taste Isis killer as when they cut off the head and the other ways in which Isis murderers kill innocent people, women and children.

  18. Shia Muzscums killing Sunni Muzscums, let Islam die out like this. How bad the Muslims fail to realise that all the suffering and bloodshed endured by them is because of their illogical, stupid religion.

  19. They are not those contrived photos of “smiling” dead Jihadis ISIS and other Jihadists like to post up to get losers to join….lol

  20. Sorry can’t go along with this . If it’s wrong for Isis to do it it’s wrong to pay for people doing it on on our tax dollar’s. But with Obama dealing with Iran that’s what you get. It’s the same thing in Chicago were he comes from . Kids killing kids but don’t say anything Rev only attack police. Only good picture of the rev was when fox showed him selling drugs. Funny he had a better wig then.

  21. Beautiful pictures. Nothing better to end my night with than with the knowledge that Muslims are being mindlessly slaughtered by their fellow Muslims and countrymen. However, like the petulant, spoiled children of the world, none of this is the fault of the rabid, death-loving Muslims in question. No, the Christian-Right of the US is somehow to blame for the increasing barbarism.

    Some people are beginning to point out that this ground taken back by “Iraqi’ security forces are really just arms of an Iranian led venture, which is very bad. A larger and more empowered Shiite Iran (who have been on the BHO Friends and Family Diplomacy plan going on 7 years now) is bad for America but it really doesn’t matter. They’ll always be there and they’ll always want Israel and the US destroyed at any and all costs.

    But as long as they’re butchering tons more fellow Muslims along the way I’ll take the bad with the good. Does anyone know if the any of the ISIS Youth are being killed as well? No point in letting them grow up, now is there?

  22. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. Clearest and best words ever said. For those wondering it HAS to be this way as when dealing with such profound evil NOTHING else works as they feed off the ‘we all love each other’ or ‘we can change them’ crap and take us for fools. (we are) The worse saying of all in this vein is ‘we are better than them, we don’t do THAT’. What BS, what wishy washy weak crap. Yep its true we ARE better than them in that we don’t start such horror but when we have to fight those who would bring it to our doorstep, only ‘like for like’, fighting them exactly on the terms they fight, using their tactics of horror and terror will work. Remember mohammed said ‘I have done it through terror and you must continue the same’.

  23. It’s good to see the Iraqis fighting back for a change. Most recent news reports have them fleeing and abandoning their posts. Fighting to win, regardless of what it takes, is the only way to prevail over these fanatics. Leave political correctness to the limp-dick politicians and lawyers.

  24. Where are they going to find so many virgins for these dead Isis retards? Great pics! Karma works in mysterious ways!!

  25. Quite a barbecue you’ve got there!

    The 3rd one from the bottom is a little too char broiled for me though, halal or not.

    Welcome to the Halalcaust.


  27. couldnt wish for better news. muslims killing even more muslims! keep up the good work..The less we “KUFFURS” have to worry about..ironically these Isis are being shown the door by muslims who are trained by the west..LOL

  28. Wake up world. Harsh revenge is the only thing that causes Muslim jihadists to turn & run. It is the ONLY thing they get. It is why Genghis Khan was so brutal. It was the only way to push back the Muslims. The enemy is totally committed to killing YOU & ME. Death by violence is the only thing that deters them. Unfortunately these soldiers get the need for fierce violence against this enemy and they will be charges with war crimes. 🙁

  29. This is what occurs when there’s the absence of the Jesus the Christ. It IS the hell they talk about in the bible. The stuff is obviously real to any atheists that would like to disagree.

  30. I’m trying to see the torture here but all these animals seem to have been killed in battle. I do understand the feelings of “an eye for an eye” but other then a couple guys without heads this proves no allegations of torture. Keep it up boys someday we’ll kill them all.

  31. They are simply getting back what they had been giving to others.

    For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. Luke 6:38

  32. Savagery begets savagery! Or, as most people say, an eye for an eye. It’s one of the oldest axioms in the book. I say let them have their civil war and we will come afterwards and finish off what’s left.

  33. muslums killing muslums. What is not to like about this? The best news would be this muslum cult of evil totally eliminating themselves in a typical muslum blood lust of mayhem, revenge and chaos.

  34. So, who’s the good guys and who’s the bad guys? Which ones are the civilized and which ones are the barbarians? We should put a wall up around that place and not let anyone in or out.

  35. One might say these are suppose to be the good Muslims. Imagine the world press if these photos were of American, British, Australian …. Soldiers doing this to the enemy! Same shit different shovel. Islam is Islam

    • Muslims killing MUSLIMS is a Christmas celebration, really!
      Hey MUSLIMS, you can start killing each other in Australia. By all means, don’t let us stop you!

  36. Shooting someone just does not seem enough to muslims. They just have to mutilate and take photos. Islam sucks period no matter which side is winning.

    • Absolutly right. It is in their blood. They need to murder life. They think the rest of the world is going to applaude and shoot yeah! we want to see torture and gore. Is seems like mankind did not evolved in this area. Maybe they are the missing link between man and a monkey.

  37. This should only bother SPCA and PETA types because no HUMANS were harmed in the production of the images.

  38. some say we have a future to share with islam the consequence is here to witness of such an unholy union … muslims treat muslims this way don’t fool yourself and say we can get along

  39. Special Forces against kids from the burbs, Wounder who will win that one. Payback’s a bitch ain’t it Arseis.

    • Special Forces?
      We’re talking Iraqis and Kurds here.
      Barely a pay grade above goat herder.
      Special farces is more apt.

  40. Islam the religion of Satan; the Quran Satan’s holy writ; Old Mo, the demon possessed prophet of Satan. Why would anyone be surprised at what Myslims are doing, these are just the vile, evil, atrocities that Muslims are mandated to do; and Satan is the god of death.
    Everything is Islam is dark, evil, vile ….. EVERYTHING!