Islamic State (ISIS) ‘jihadis’ caught wearing dresses, bras, and makeup in an attempt to flee the battlefield

Islamic State fighters are shaving off their beards and dressing as women in a bid to escape from battle, Iraqi forces have claimed.

(Transgender Rights groups in America are reported to be asking Barack Hussein Obama to offer them asylum and find them a job here)


UK Daily Mail  A series of pictures have emerged showing men who have reportedly been caught trying to escape from northern Iraq wearing dresses, bras and make-up.

The photographs, posted on Instagram, show authorities appearing to pull back burkas to reveal young boys and even men with moustaches.  In one a scared teenager wearing pink eyeshadow is held by the throat as an official takes a picture. It is not known when the photograph was originally taken.


Under Sharia law, which ISIS partially adheres to, women are prevented from fighting. Jihadists are believed to be terrified of being killed by a female because they think it will stop them getting their 72 virgins in heaven.

One man is pictured in a flowery red jumpsuit with a thick blue blanket pulled over his head.


But men – and even boys as young as 13 – have been given powerful machine guns and are expected to join the cause.

The photographs were revealed just five days after it emerged three men from the region were accused of homosexuality and publicly beheaded by a sword-wielding ISIS executioner.

I'm too sexy for my beard, Mohammed!
“I’m too sexy for my shoes, too sexy, yeah, I’m too sexy”