SYRIAN MUSLIMS sue Japan for not taking them in as refugees

Why aren’t they suing Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and all the other filthy-rich Arab Gulf states that aren’t taking in their fellow Muslims as refugees either?


Frontpage (h/t Susan K)  Japan has been severely criticized for not taking in asylum seekers, especially Muslim asylum seekers, even though they nearly doubled the number of refugees they accepted last year – 11. How many have Saudi Arabia and Kuwait taken in, despite their huge oil wealth – practically none.

While Japan spends a fortune on foreign aid to Muslim states, it doesn’t take in Muslim refugees, and for good reason. 


Out of 5,000 applications. Japan has yet to grant asylum to a single Syrian, presumably because it isn’t looking for welfare scrounger who kill and rape in their spare time. But the Syrians aren’t taking it lying down.

AROUND 9 million people have fled their homes in Syria. Over 3 million have taken refuge in neighbouring countries. But thousands more have fanned out across the world, some to as far away as Japan. There, they have found the drawbridge up. The world’s third-largest economy has yet to grant asylum to a single Syrian.


Hiroshi Miyauchi, a lawyer, calls the rejection of all 61 applications from Syrian refugees since 2011 “appalling”. He represents four Syrians who are suing the justice ministry to reverse its decision. 

The plaintiffs are four men aged 21 to 35 who fled to Japan in 2012. Shortly after their arrival, each applied for refugee status, citing their participation in pro-democracy protests against the Syrian regime.

All were denied refugee status in early 2013, however, and have since been granted tentative residence permits out of what the government terms a “humanitarian perspective,” said lawyer Mitsuru Nanba.


That is Japan’s first mistake.  The main rule of resisting Muslim colonization is never, never, never ever grant asylum status. Never.

Granting them ‘residence’ status means they’re now living in Japan. Their children will be born there. And you’ll have to toss them out, except that you won’t be able to ship them back to Syria. Instead you’ll, best case scenario, have to bribe a country to take them, the way Obama did with the Gitmo terrorists. Worst case scenario, they’re here for good.

Send them all to Sweden:


But even Japan has its bleeding heart leftist muslim sympathizers demanding “immigration reform/colonization.“

The treatment meted out to Syrians is consistent with Japan’s stingy record on sheltering people fleeing conflicts of all kinds. In the decade to 2013, the country gave asylum to just over 300 refugees. In 2014, the number fell to 11.

Once they arrive, asylum seekers can face a grim experience. Some are locked up for years while their claims are processed. Immigration officials give the impression that they just want refugees to leave, says Gloria Okafor Ifeoma, a Nigerian asylum-seeker who arrived in Tokyo in 2007 and has spent about 30 months under lock and key.

If you are a Syrian Christian, the most endangered of Syrians, Canada, France, and Australia will take you, but the U.S. will not:


Which is why Japan, despite its low birth rate, may actually have a future, if the left doesn’t get its way. Korea is also unenthusiastic about refugee colonization and has only accepted less than a 100 refugees out of thousands of applications.

It’s a pity that we aren’t acting more like the Japanese.


Actually, rich Arabs ARE doing something for Syrian refugees, at least the young female ones – buying and trading them as their temporary  sex slaves: