NORTH DAKOTA Muslims to protest against Egyptian Christian speaker who tells the ugly truth about Islam

4287964A number of local Muslim organizations are planning to protest outside the Empire Arts Center on Tuesday (Mar. 17th) night prior to a talk being given by Christian speaker Usama Dakdok, whose speeches on Islam have stirred up controversy in the region in the past year.

Grand Forks Herald  “Basically everything he (Dakdok) is saying is hate speech,” said Bailey Bubach, president of UND’s Muslim Student Association. “It’s anti-Islamic rhetoric.” (Yes, for Muslims, truth is the new hate speech)


Phil Ehlke, general manager of the Christian radio station Q-FM, which is sponsoring the event, said the purpose of the having Dakdok speak is to instruct people about what Islam is. “To me it’s all about education and the whole issue of Islam and Christianity and can the two get along and what Islam is,” he said. “We hear it in the news, and we need to understand it rather than to guess.”

Ehlke said the spread of Islam in the U.S. has lead to the implementation of Sharia law in certain communities. “As the Muslim population grows, we’ve seen that there has always been the next step and that is the push for things like Sharia law,” he said. “That’s just a fact. That’s already happened in our country.”


According to a June 2014 article in the Pioneer Press, Dakdok spoke for three days in Bagley, Minn., and has referred to Islam as a “cult” and “disease.” For Bubach, Dakdok is a threat to the peace between faiths in the community.

“We just want people to know in the community that this man is not here to create peace, and we are all here living peacefully, and we just want peace in our society,” she said. “It doesn’t matter if we’re Muslim, Christian, Jewish or anything, we should all have the right to live peacefully.” (Sorry, that horse has already left the barn)


Naturally one left wing whacko so-called “interfaith” group, North Dakotans for Interfaith Acceptance. will join the protest. (Notice how interfaith groups are ALWAYS run by Christians or Jews, NEVER Muslims)

Other left wing and Muslim groups that have expressed interest in the protest are: They are: Christus Rex Lutheran Campus Ministry, North Dakota Dakotans Against Brutality, Free Thinkers of UND, Third Wave Feminist Group UND, the North Dakota Human Rights Coalition, Build Blocks of Islam, designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) Minnesota, the Grand Forks Islamic Center, and the Muslim Brotherhood front group Muslim Student Association.

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